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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Knutsford January 29th 2017

Suzy the motorhome still has not moved. I wonder if she will start when we eventually fire her up. She finally has some hardcore in front of her wheels but not enough for her to get off her driveway. Her new gate is up and slowly but surely we head towards getting her off the drive. Next job to build a ramp. and then her next stop will be new tyres and her habitation check . January is finally blowing out and we are around 88 days from our holidays. The weather seems stuck between misty days, rainy days and frost. The Gulf Stream is holding the weather down and it just won't move . We have had snow . A slight sprinkling on the Pennines and the Cat and Fiddle and those pretty leaf like ... read more
All turrets and towers
Gaskell Memorial Tower and Coffee house
The Old Town Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Knutsford May 4th 2012

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mrs Jenny Kvist for helping Alan Quinlan out with his fund raiser by baking a huge array of cakes and selling them today in the office. Sadly I'm not in the office today so cannot partake of this excellent selection. Enjoy gang and I hope you raise lots of money :-) We leave in 2 days now and start riding on Monday morning. There is still plenty of time to donate here prior, during or even after our ride :-)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Knutsford March 2nd 2012

Early start this morning to head to the office in Cheshire for a morning sessoin of Matrix Training with my personal trainer. My legs were still feeling the effects of yesterdays 50 miles around the West Midlands, but Greg had zero sympathy :-) Just how it should be. Given that my week was impacted by travel and other comittments, I needed a good workout today as my next would be a few days away. If you've never heard of Matrix training, let me explain. You have a set of exercises and aim to cover as many as possible. You start with 10 reps of the first exercise, followed by a 10 sec break. You then do the 1st 10, followed by a second exercise of 11 reps, followed by a short break. This is then followed ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Knutsford May 5th 2011

Just completed our penultimate planning call with Dakanis and Vitas from Lithuania. Getting excited now...I've already printed off my boarding pass and just received another donation..yippee! Looks like it will be an early start on Sunday morning (3am), with a hectic flight, followed by a hasty rebuild of our bikes and then 50 miles to Ukmerge. Easy. Not sure about the prospective lack of hot water due to a boiler failure at the hotel especially as they had snow last weekend. Both John and Nick will be setting up their own blogs and I will link to them when they are up and running.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Knutsford March 1st 2009

Off to zzz's with dreams of beaches, sun and adventures...... :-) See you in Bangkok! xxxx... read more

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