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June 20th 2014
Published: June 20th 2014
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Room With a ViewRoom With a ViewRoom With a View

It's quite peaceful, except when the Royal Ascot crowd is in, the World Cup crows is in or the graduation revelers are in.
Day 3 - Exploring Windsor

We did't make it through the night. We were all up for about 3 hours around 2 AM and then slept in until 9:30. After breakfast at the Chocolate Cafe we headed to Windsor Castle to watch the changing of the guard. A group of the Guard march through Windsor from their barracks to the castle where there is a guard changing ceremony. We watched from the street and then got tickets to tour the castle and grounds. The castle is huge and only a few parts are accessible on the tour. It still took us 3 hours to see everything we wanted to see. Two of the highlights are Queen Mary's dollhouse and the special papers collection. The dollhouse was designed as a showcase of the Queen's collection of miniatures and has running water, electricity and working elevators. The exhibit of special papers from the archives includes documents and diaries written by various Monarchs when they were children as well as documents bearing signatures of other heads of state and important people. The deed to Buckingham Palace is also on display. It was pretty awe inspiring to think that the ink, paper,
All shagged out after a long squackAll shagged out after a long squackAll shagged out after a long squack

The little one is handling her Jet Lag quietly (mostly)
and wax on it are over 250 years old. After the tour we stopped for lunch/dinner at The Ye Olde Kings Head, a pub located just outside of Windsor Castle and the sight of the signing of the death warrant for Charles I. Michelle really enjoyed the Murder holes just outside of the most interior castle gate. Tony most enjoyed the North Terrace and the fantastic view off of the 30 meter bluff. By that point our interrupted sleep caught up with us and we retreated to the hotel for a nap. Later that evening Aby, a friend of Tony's who lives in Windsor, joined us in the parlor downstairs for a very long game of Settler's of Catan. Tomorrow we plan to have lunch with some friends from the Slough Amazon office and then take the train into London for some sight seeing.

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Beer and Horses?Beer and Horses?
Beer and Horses?

Could be fun.
Windsor SelfieWindsor Selfie
Windsor Selfie

One should swallow prior to selfie taking.
What... it's over?What... it's over?
What... it's over?

They came, We saw, They left... it was worth it.. mostly.
Better ViewBetter View
Better View

Ok, the Queen has herself a much better view than our hotel room.
The Round TowerThe Round Tower
The Round Tower

Pretty original name, if you ask me.
Green Arrows?Green Arrows?
Green Arrows?

I have heard of a green thumb, but this is ridiculous.
Defensive HolesDefensive Holes
Defensive Holes

I hear they can be Murder. Oil, Hot water, and boiled sewage, among other things, are prepped to be dropped through the murder hole if the castle were ever under attack. Luckily, they were never used.
Lonely SoldierLonely Soldier
Lonely Soldier

All alone, against the far wall of the large inner courtyard... it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.
Lonely Soldier 2Lonely Soldier 2
Lonely Soldier 2

Also against a wall, but he at least has a view off the North Terrace. These guys have it rough.
NOT Lonely SoldierNOT Lonely Soldier
NOT Lonely Soldier

Ok, those other guys have it easy. Best we can figure, this guy's job is to take abuse from tourists all day long.
Dedicated TeacherDedicated Teacher
Dedicated Teacher

Taking time out to send post-cards to her students from within Windsor Castle (they have post boxes). How cool of a teacher is that!!
Superior Dairy Ice CreamSuperior Dairy Ice Cream
Superior Dairy Ice Cream

Chris, do you suppose this is the same company local to Hanford, CA, USA?
We're WalkingWe're Walking
We're Walking

Nothing to see here, move on.... oh, except that awesome church inside the walls of Windsor Castle, or the Knight's quarters we are staring at behind the camera.
Lovely LadiesLovely Ladies
Lovely Ladies

Come along and join us.
Hamster Fine DiningHamster Fine Dining
Hamster Fine Dining

The food was quite good (none of it made from hamster).
Historical FactsHistorical Facts
Historical Facts

If you believe painted text on the front of a restaurant. When quizzed, the waiter did not know why Charles I was executed.
Game NightGame Night
Game Night

While technically on Day 4, this pic was snapped sometime after Midnight when we finished our epic game of Settlers (Seafarers). Yes, you can fit the original, the seafarers expansion and the 6 player expansions of both in the original box.. you just need to be organized... sandwich bags work.

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