World Cities Tour 2014 Summer Edition - Day 4

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June 20th 2014
Published: June 20th 2014
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Amazonians.... in England?Amazonians.... in England?Amazonians.... in England?

Some of Tony's Friends from work Hamming it up at the local pub.
Day 4 - We've Got a Ticket to Ride

A better night's sleep had us waking up at 10:30 and heading into downtown Windsor again for lunch with some friends at another pub, the King and castle. The menu showed how multinational this area can be with items from many parts of the world. After lunch we headed to the train station and worked our way by rail into London. We saw countryside and city out our windows. We even saw a fox being harassed by a crow at one stop. The train ride gave some of us a chance to take a little nap. After one transfer we made it to Victoria Station and walked towards Buckingham Palace. We spent some time getting oriented and then decided to get a two day hop-on/hop-off bus tour package. Michelle wanted to ride on a double decker bus and this gave us a chance to see many of the sights and decide if we wanted to get off for a closer look. It also saved our feet a bit of pounding today. We worked our way around central London past the government buildings, by the Tower of London, over Tower
Oooo... Nice CarOooo... Nice CarOooo... Nice Car

Anne just could not resist the urge to snap a sneaky pick. Tony gave the driver a thumbs up and he smiled and then peeled out on the brick road. Smooth.. Real Smooth.
Bridge and by the waterfront. We got off at the waterfront and went to see the London Eye and the London Dungeon. The London Dungeon is a pretty cool attraction that combines, history, rides, and theater with murder, death and torture. It was fun and worth the cost. Dinner was at a local steak house, The Black and Blue. Michelle decided that the line for the London Eye was too long to stand in tonight so we jumped on the train at Waterloo station and headed back to the hotel. We are finally getting adjusted to the time so tonight should be a full night's sleep. Tomorrow we head back into London for a full day of touring.

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Which Way do we go George?Which Way do we go George?
Which Way do we go George?

So many lines.. so many colours.
Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

The Queen wasn't there. No fuzzy hat red people to bother. We took a picture and left.
Tony's Childhood DreamTony's Childhood Dream
Tony's Childhood Dream

To be able to play each day with his own, real-life Paddington Bear.
And Away it GoesAnd Away it Goes
And Away it Goes

Michelle attempts the feat of landing the penny on the spillway of the fountain... apparently, that is what you have to do these days to grant your wish.
Failed SelfieFailed Selfie
Failed Selfie

We tried to take a selfie on the Tower Bridge... I think we need one of those selfie sticks we have seen many Asian tourists using.
Look CloselyLook Closely
Look Closely

Can you tell me what is wrong with those buildings? (image not altered, promise)
Its the.. Eye of the HamsterIts the.. Eye of the Hamster
Its the.. Eye of the Hamster

and he's dancing your way.
Potty MouthPotty Mouth
Potty Mouth

We have got to go there... well, at least visit there.

oops, we weren't supposed to take pictures in the Dungeon... Creepy Lady who talks to herself told us so.. or was she telling herself... anyway... creepy Rat watching bubble... go Michelle!!!!

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