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Europe » Ukraine » Kiev March 17th 2006

Had a great time in Kiev - even Lenin shared Vodka with us. I'll tell you why some time...... read more
Hotel Bratislava

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev March 16th 2006

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev October 12th 2005

I love this city, especially the girls . . . The last few nights I was there I stayed with a great host - Yuriy and his girlfriend Julia, at their dormitory and was able to experience Ukrainian university life. Really not that different from American dorms, except the little things - like that their dorm was an hour train ride from the University, and the dorm had two working showers for 200 students. One of the nights I was there I made chili for them, which they all seemed to love. I also introduced them to Tabasco. The best, though was the next night when they showed me how to make Varenicky, which is basically the Ukrainian version of pierogies. Just like my grandma used to make! It was interesting talking with everyone about the ... read more
Bentley Ukraine - Seems like a bit of an Oxymoron after seeing how poor the rest of the country is
Eating chili in the dorm
Ukraine vs. Japan - poor turnout due to it being a friendly match and pouring rain.  But the ticket cost me $1!

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev August 3rd 2005

Finally...after 23 hours on a train in a compartment by myself I arrived in Kiev. True I slept most of the way, but nonetheless by the end of it all I was nearly singing to myself and playing out entire scenes in movies. The most excruciating part of the journey, however, had to do with the border crossing that occurred around 1:00 a.m. in the morning. Evidently, the Ukraine has different sized tracks that the rest of Eastern and Western Europe to prevent invasion by train. Who invades by train anyway? So, at the border the train stops, jostles around for quite sometime, is lifted by some sort of giant forklift, the wheels of the cars are changed, and then you are ready to go. This whole process takes around 4 hours while intermittently you are ... read more
The Lyre and the Portuguese
The (Up-Down) Jump in the Central Square
My Temporary Communist Style Digs

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev June 1st 2004

Geo: 50.4536, 30.5038... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 9th 2000

I came here looking for my favorite dish, Chicken Kiev.... read more
WWII Monument
WWII Monument
WWII Monument

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