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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grimentz August 29th 2013

Motorhome News from Switzerland. Part I 29th August 2013 Dam, Dam, Dam! ........and we're jumping through hoops. As sunflowers droop their heads in sorrow at the passing of another summer and leaves of poplar turn to gold, and autumn sunshine lights fields of maize on rolling hills, the grey haired nomads dawdle the country lanes of France and Switzerland once more in search of memories and enlightenment. Memories of bright red geraniums in window boxes, snow-capped peaks and crystal air, rippling streams and bright green meadows teeming with wildflowers, brown cows and cream, cheese and chocolate, neatly stacked logs for winter comfort and alpine chalets with shingle roofs. That was ten years ago. That was Switzerland. Switzerland, a country much spared from the ravages of World War II. A country sworn to neutrality and still to ... read more
Val Ferret
Val de Bagnes, Mauvoisin

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grimentz July 28th 2011

Boy, have I enjoyed the past few days. Tramp and I (Lady, Gerri's bike) have been resting comfortably in the foyer of the Haase's chalet. Bill cleaned us up; we have been dry and warm and lazy since Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow, however, it will be back on the road (as long as it doesn't rain again). Bill and Gerri walked into town a couple ot times today for the exercise and for a few groceries. It rained off and on but they kept a fire going in the fireplace and even managed to get all their laundry washed. Hopefully, it will dry by tomorrow morning. At times today the clouds were actually below the chalet. So, right now, I think I'll go finish my afternoon nap as the two of them prepare for their ride out ... read more
Snow Capped Alpine Summit

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grimentz July 27th 2011

As I sit here this evening listening to soft classical musical, I am looking at the Swiss Alps topped with clouds that bring the rain that makes the flowers here so lovely. Fortunately, it did not rain all day. Again today we hiked in the mountains, from the town of Zinal to the Petit Mountet. Zinal is nestled amidst a majestic mountain landscape that includes the Weisshorn, which at 4506 meters is the fourth highest peak in Europe. The old village of Zinal consists of a number of chalets built of Swiss pine. At one time, the village subsisted on a nearby copper mine. Today, the area is a mecca for tourists who wander the 300 kms. of hiking trails, some of which families enjoy; others of which require mountain guides as they head over peaks ... read more
Zinal Glacier
One of the locals.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grimentz July 26th 2011

What a relaxing day we enjoyed today. Though cloudy, the possibility of rain did not deter Manfred and Maria from taking a very long, arduous hike; we opted to stay "home." Our first task of the day involved fixing The Tramp. The screw holding the front rack on the bike had broken just as we got to Grimentz, and we had feared that we would have to invest our Swiss francs in getting the broken screw removed from the fork. However, Bill was able to remove the screw and replace it -- MacGyver himself could not have done better. Our second task involved walking DOWN to town, exploring the small grocery store and creating a menu for the evening's meal. Fortunately, there was a package of four pork chops on sale that provided the catalyst for ... read more
The Chalet, Casa Lupus

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grimentz July 25th 2011

Eat your hearts out because when you see these pictures you will wish you were here. Today we hiked up into the Alps, into the Val d’Anniviers to the Moiry Glacier. This glacier is now 5 km long and situated in the Pennine Alps in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. In 1973, it had an area of 5.75 km. Obviously, like other glaciers around the world, this one is shrinking. This area attracts both summer tourists, for the hiking, and winter tourists, for the skiing, both downhill and cross country. There are also 120 kms. of snowshoe trails open in the winter and 15 kms. of tobagganing trails. I believe that some major ski, etc. competitions are held here frequently. We started the hike from just below the Barrage du Moiry, the Moiry Dam, which ... read more
Barrage and Lac du Moiry
Moiry Glacier
Bill on the Haute Tour de Moiry

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grimentz July 24th 2011

In 1996, Bill and I traversed the US for the first time by bicycle. In Cut Bank, Montana, we met a young German man who was cycling across the US alone. For a number of days, we cycled with Christophe. He was much younger and much faster than we were -- he often cycled ahead of us, stopping to read the newspaper while we caught up. You may ask: How is this information relevant to today's blog? Let me explain -- the following summer, Christophe's parents invited us to their home near Frankfurt, Germany. Five years ago, we visited for a second time, also spending a week with them in their chalet in Grimentz, Switzerland. Today makes our third trip to visit them, again in the chalet way up in the Alps. So today we left ... read more
The Alps
A Little Swiss Village

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