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July 26th 2011
Published: July 27th 2011
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The Chalet, Casa LupusThe Chalet, Casa LupusThe Chalet, Casa Lupus

This is the Chalet that our friends, Manfred and Maria Haase, rent for a few weeks each summer.
What a relaxing day we enjoyed today. Though cloudy, the possibility of rain did not deter Manfred and Maria from taking a very long, arduous hike; we opted to stay "home."

Our first task of the day involved fixing The Tramp. The screw holding the front rack on the bike had broken just as we got to Grimentz, and we had feared that we would have to invest our Swiss francs in getting the broken screw removed from the fork. However, Bill was able to remove the screw and replace it -- MacGyver himself could not have done better.

Our second task involved walking DOWN to town, exploring the small grocery store and creating a menu for the evening's meal. Fortunately, there was a package of four pork chops on sale that provided the catalyst for the rest of our choices -- baked potatoes, corn, a vegetable salad, and a fruit melee for dessert. Of course, walking down to town means walking back UP to the chalet.

Our third task involved selling the chalet ----- At about 2:00 a real estate agent and two prospective buyers came by. We had no idea that the place was for sale;
The Chalet, Casa LupusThe Chalet, Casa LupusThe Chalet, Casa Lupus

High above the town and complete with sauna, shower, kitchen, fire place, and fully furnished.
Maria and Manfred were still out hiking (and they didn't know the chalet was for sale, either). Thus, it was with some trepidation that we allowed the group into the home. Bill played "immobilier" (real estate agent) and kept an eye on the threesome as they walked through. They were certainly impressed as this is one of the nicest chalets in the area -- a bit more private than others and beautifully furnished.

Needless to say, when the Haases returned home from their hike (no, it did not rain), they were quite surprised to find that the chalet in which they have spent many summers is up for sale, and that an English couple, no less, is interested.

Our fourth task meant giving both Lady and the Tramp a good cleaning, a job I handed over to Bill who did a great job of getting off some of the grime accumulated over the past two months. Because we will be headed down a VERY steep, 20 km. mountain on Friday, he took special care of the brakes and rims; we are not totally satisfied with the brake pads that were installed in Orbe the other day, but I guess they will have to do.

I am sure that many of you will consider today's blog entry quite boring, but Bill and I really enjoyed the opportunity to be normal people -- shopping, repairing, cooking, and cleaning -- and the opportunity to give our bodies some time to recuperate. Perhaps tomorrow's weather will allow us another hike in the Alps.


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