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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Gandria September 10th 2014

This is our last day trip in this area. We used the car today to drive north about 45 min. And then south about 1 1/2 hrs. into the Italian part of Switzerland. Went on a boat to a small village on Lake Lugano named Gandria. We were here umty-ump years ago. Very interesting but difficult walking (you wouldn't have enjoyed that part Annie) we had lunch there to celebrate our 52nd wedding anniversary. Made it back by 7:45 before dark. Tomorrow is packing and cleaning day. We leave for the SW of Switzerland on Friday early as we are doing a little detour into Austria to stock up on some food goods and diesel for the car. (Much cheaper) Here are some images from the Italian part. Lowell... read more
A couple we met from the Holstein region of the UK
Along lake Lugano
Arriving at Gandria

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Gandria June 26th 2011

So the students arrived yesterday and it was a crazy day. I'm almost intimidated by these 12 year old girls because their parents are very wealthy and you should see how fast they switch between two, three, sometimes four languages. It makes me feel like an incompetent fool in comparison. Just on my floor I have girls from Italy, Spain, Croatia, the US, Taiwan, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and Turkey. It's truly inspiring to watch them enjoy each other and connect through culture and language barriers and it just goes to show that we are really all the same on this planet. Last night we had two girls sitting with us experiencing homesickness, one being from the US and the other from Croatia. It just goes to show how to human experience knows no cultural ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Gandria June 22nd 2011

Today was the day that my group had to plan a trip outside of Lugano. It went well, except for the fact that we never found what we were looking for. The group had varying opinions on what we wanted to see which included a hike, a lake,and churches. We found this hike online called the Chestnut trail which included a lake and church along the way...which we thought was perfect! However, we never found the trail head, so we just hiked a random road. It was neat though because all the houses you come across up in the mountains are apparently self-sustaining with farms and solar panels for energy. We started in Aroso at a small church and just walked around. The buildings are probably older than the constitution and there is an ancient church ... read more
Christopher is Happy :)
Andrea above Lugano

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Gandria June 20th 2011

Hello friends and family! After 32 hours of travel time, we finally arrived in Lugano last night around 10pm. Our first beer was in Poland at 4am for our bodies but the clock said noon in Poland so Chris talked me into it. When we arrived Christopher gave me a quick tour of the campus, and it truly looks like a real version of Disneyland. The oldest building on campus was built in 1522...that is hard for Americans to least it is for this American! We have been in meetings all day, and our very first task is really throwing us in to deep water. Within 24 hours they are asking us to plan, budget, and take a trip somewhere within an hour of Lugano. Then we have to get ourselves there and back all ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Gandria October 8th 2010

As we are so close to the Swiss border, we didnt want to miss the opportunity to take a trip over there for lunch. A 20 minute ferry, and an hour of bus and we were in the lakeside town of Lugano. We wandered around for an hour before settling ourselves down to lunch. We really wanted to try Swiss Fondue, and what a delicious treat it was. They bring the cheese sauce, set it on the flame. We dipped bread, boiled new potatoes, caramelized pickled onions and gherkins, all washed down with a beer for John and 2 glasses of white wine for me. The waiter then relieved us of the equivalent of £50 and an hour and a half later we were riding on the Noddy train around Lugano before a quick butchers around ... read more
Or delicious fondue

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