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September 15th 2012
Published: September 16th 2012
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It’s 6 AM and Kirsten and Bea are standing over me ready to go to the airport. I’m lying in bed thinking can I just get another hour of sleep? NO!

I struggle to the bathroom, I turn on the shower, I step in, it feels great, one problem, I still have my pajamas on. As I exit the shower Kirsten catches me and says baby you are one tired puppy. Yea!

We’re out of the hotel and heading to the Flughoffen (Airport). Bea comments that this is our best time ever, as I’m still brushing my teeth. We turn the car in and start pulling our luggage through the airport. I keep thinking; I hope, I get bumped, I hope I get bumped, about that time Kirsten, looks at me and says, NOT EVEN NO, BUT NO F#$^&King WAY, You get it, I just keep moving along, they have tickets I don’t, they have a seat I don’t.

Loving It.

We get to the gate, Hey Lori, this is the same gate you and I were at! Remember the guy we bumped, he’s still here. LOL

Kirsten and Bea load, as Kirsten walks away she’s looking at me, I’m watching you, as she takes her fingers and points to her eyes and then points to me.

Ohhhhhh! I’m scared.

I sit there for 15 maybe 20 minutes, please bump me, please bump me, then I hear, Stephen FOGHAN, please come toes de counter.

Damn! #^&%), When you want to be left behind they don’t leave you. When you want to go home the leave you.

As I walk on the plane Kirsten is there to meet me, I told you, I’m watching you.

Yea, Yea, Yea, I know. Hey Lori the guy we bumped got on. LOL!

Ok, I’m sitting in 1C, Kirsten is IE, side by side, as our eyes meet I say love you, she says love you more. How do you answer that?

It’s been a perfect vacation, looking forward to getting home.

Now, I want to give thanks to a few folks who I love dearly:

Drew, Thanks for all you did taking care of the houses, love ya. We’ll be doing this same trip soon.

Lori, Love you and I’m looking forward to having lunch with you soon to discuss your trip to German with Sam. Yes, I love Sam also.

Momma, I’ll be coming up to see you soon and we’ll play bible trivia and have fun.

Dana & David, Thank you so much for being Kirsten’s backup. I have a special bottle of wine for us to share.

Oma & Opa We'll see you soon.

Well we're starting to descend into Atlanta, I guess there’s no chance I’m going to get bumped. Darn!

Hope you all have enjoyed and until out next escape, Avvirvederci, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye.

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26th September 2012

E N V Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Kirsten, Bea & Steve ! It was most enjoyable to follow You. Just wish I had a long enough stroh to sip some of the toscana-juice. I dont want to think about the Fooooood. So glad, You had a graet time; love Annaliese.

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