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December 22nd 2010
Published: January 16th 2011
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The Main Entrance to the Zurich Train StationThe Main Entrance to the Zurich Train StationThe Main Entrance to the Zurich Train Station

Nancy braved the cold elements to get this photo.

It is cold here!

The train arrived on schedule in Zurich, our first transfer point on our way to Spain. The station has the appearance of many European train stations in large cities; the high curved cast iron supported domed ceilings covering multiple tracks that end inside the station. There is no pulling into one end of the station and the leaving through the other end. Prague's main station is different in that the tracks go through the domed portion of the station and continue on to other cities through the other end.

We got off the train and were greeted by cold air ... I mean cold air. We walked quickly to get into the station where it would be warm. After all it would be warm in the station, right? Wrong. It was cold! There are no doors to close and keep the cold outside. The entrances and exits are all OPEN to the heat of summer and the cold of winter. My feeling is that it is colder in the winter than it is hot in the summer in Zurich.

What we did see was a beautiful Christmas exhibit at the far end of the
Swarovski Crystal Christmas TreeSwarovski Crystal Christmas TreeSwarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

This display really knocks your eyes out.
station. Since it was SO lovely and we had on all our winter gear -coats, hats, gloves, etc. - we took many pictures and said OH and AH at the lovely things we saw.

We had about a three and a half layover in Zurich. Interestingly the always on time Swiss trains didn't work out today. The train we were to ride from Zurich to Milan was late. To make up for lost time we had to board a different train in Zurich, ride it for thirty or forty minutes to a village. There we got off the train, walked across the platform and got on the train bound for Milan.

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Giant Advent Candle WreathGiant Advent Candle Wreath
Giant Advent Candle Wreath

This one was about eight feet tall.
The Big Christmas Tree.The Big Christmas Tree.
The Big Christmas Tree.

It is beautiful, isn't it?

16th January 2011

Your travel insights are wonderful and uplifting-news I like to hear about the good things in different places. You add a blessing to our day-Bob retired December 23-so we enjoy your news together. Zurich looks festive and is able to have Christian "symbols" displayed adequately. Wonderful.
8th November 2012
Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

what a beautiful would love to know how to make one.thank you
5th April 2014
Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

Swarovski Christmas Tree
This is about the most beautiful Christmas Tree I have ever seen!

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