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17th April 2021
Our Lady of the Snow Icon

Magnificient Icon
The icon of Our Lady of Snows is magnificient. I have been searching for an icon like the one that you have pictured. Do you know whom I can contact about such an image or a website to visit? Thank you.
17th May 2021
Our Lady of the Snow Icon

Our Lady of the Snows
Here is a link to information on the church, I am not sure what information you are searching for in your request. The photo is of a mosiac over the doorway to the interior of the church. When the sun hits it, it glows.
30th December 2017

Photo - Lidice Children’s Memorial.
To: Bill and Nancy Bill and Nancy My name of Bob Van Alstine. I have written a book entitled The Price of Freedom The J. Jaroslav Sustar Story (1908 - 1988). The book include a photograph of Lidice Children’s Memorial. Do I need permission to include this image in my book, or is it public domain? Any assistance in regard is appreciated. Sincerely, Bob Van Alstine rvanals1@nycap.rr.cpm (518) 885-1024
5th April 2014
Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

Swarovski Christmas Tree
This is about the most beautiful Christmas Tree I have ever seen!
16th August 2013
Cesky Sternberk train station

Information, Please.
I've loved your review e took it as suggestion for me. I would like to know what station the train starts? Is from Prague? Do you remember about the return? There are a regular timetable? Thank you!
28th August 2013
Cesky Sternberk train station

Train to Cesky Sternberk Castle
We left from the main train station in Prague. The train is a local and make a ton of stops. It is a good trip. Enjoy it.
28th April 2013

Šárka Valley
The two of you are simply blessed to be able to be a part of a diversity of culture. God bless you both. The smiles on your faces says it all Judy
28th April 2013

Beautiful, thanks for sharing Judy
28th April 2013

Thanks for sharing! I'm sure you're right about the inadequacy of the photos compared to being there in person, but still, the photos are great for those of us unlikely to see these things firsthand. It's so kind of you to take the time to share in situ. All the same, you're missed back home! Peace, Jeremy
1st April 2013

Greetings Bill & Nancy......I pray you both are well. It is great getting online and finding an email from you and your adventures. God bless & keep you both. Keeping looking unto God for all things, His mercies are new every morning..... Judy
31st March 2013

Christmas in Paris
I can only imagine how cold it was. You paint a nice verbal picture of your trip to Sacre Coeur. Along with the photos, I definitely "get the picture." Safe travels. Bob
26th March 2013

You are having too much fun! Sounds great. Two of my grandaughters are in Paris now with a college class. Good to hear from you. When will you be home? Take care, Virginia
From Blog: Arc de Triomphe
16th February 2013

Lovely to read about your curiosity, oomph and initiative. The photos certainly enhance your comments. In July 1971 I remember the train station at Irun and the poignant sunset seen from San Sebastián. It was near the end of a 10-week backpacking trip (on $5 a day!). The golden globe of the sun dropping into the sea, like a huge orange
16th February 2013

San Sebastian
Thank you for sharing your marvelous experiences with those of us who will never get to the places you do. Photos and personal accounts will live on. Thanks for keeping such a journal.
8th February 2013

paris subways do not like US credit cards
Hi Bill and Nancy! Always fun to read about your travel adventures. When Paul and I went to Paris a few years ago, we had a similar problem. The subway machine did not accept any of our credit cards and would only accept Euro coins. We were short the coins and had quite an adventure trying to get change after 6 pm. Glad things worked out for you.
8th February 2013

Ha! Nancy, Destroyer of Ticket Machines! What a great story. I especially like the bit where Nancy disappears and ninjas into the shadows once she realized the problem. I'm glad it worked out in the end.
8th February 2013

Glad you were able to visit the City of Light for five days. I trust that generally you found the French to be more friendly than you anticipated. Going back to my backpacking days in 1971 and more recently in 2005, 2007, 2010, I found them to be agreeable and helpf
8th February 2013

Nice to hear from you again. I am sooo proud of you two--mistakes and all. What wonderful experiences. You have lots more courage than I do. Keep it up. Laura
5th February 2013

Thinking about you
You are just having too much fun! I thouhgt about you during the holidays and wondered what you might be doing. Guess you were out having fun! Have my 15 month old grandson in my lap as I write. Have enjoyed having them closer by.
From Blog: Bratislava
3rd February 2013

We loved Bratislava when we were there in 1996. It is such an easy town to walk around in. Also we bought a beautiful blue glass and gold plate which is one of our favorite things. I think the statues must have been added since then.
From Blog: Bratislava
26th January 2013

Thanks again for yet another update. In September we plan a Smithsonian - led trip to Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest and Vienna. Your blogs have helped to broaden our horizons. Safe travels to you.
26th January 2013

Enjoyed Christmas all over again!
Dear Bill and Nancy, I really like seeing your blog with pictures and comments. You travel well and will an eye for really seeing the sights. I am not sure I would have understood the paper about Newtown but it was amazing to think how far tenderness and care can wander. All is well here with an inch or two of snow. I hope you enjoy your travels as much as I do. Colleen
4th December 2012

Sloner Naci
Nice story. You two already have sooo many wonderful stories that enrich your lives. Nice to hear from you.
1st December 2012

Kinda ironic that Bill is nonchalantly leaning (at his ease) against the "man at work" sign. So typical of Bill to be lazy and doing nothing...some people! Of course, knowing Bill, the pose was intentionally ironic, eh?
1st December 2012

Men at work and being jaunty
I am so glad you are having fun & enjoying life! God bless and thanks after all these years for sharing yours & Nancy's exciting blog with me Judy

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