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December 22nd 2010
Published: January 16th 2011
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Nancy's brother Robert? No a young soldier.Nancy's brother Robert? No a young soldier.Nancy's brother Robert? No a young soldier.

We both said, "He looks like a young Robert,"

It is BIG

The Milan train station is big ... it is still a wind tunnel as, like Zurich, there are no doors to close out the cold air, but it is big. In the main terminal there are at least three or four floors. Most house shops and restaurants. In fact, one of the restaurants and a book store were the two places where we retreated to find warmth. Also, a note for future travelers, the rest room (WC) in the restaurant is FREE whereas the ones in public areas cost and to my mind are expensive.

While eating a snack in the restaurant a young Italian soldier came in and took a seat. Because of his uniform I believe he may be a student in one of their military schools. I looked at him and said, "He looks like a young Robert." Robert is Nancy's brother's name. She looked at him and agreed. She zoomed in on him with her camera and took the photo.

We had about a three to four hour layover in Milan both going to and coming from Spain. To keep warm we had to keep on all our winter gear - long underwear, sweaters, down coats with collars turned up, earmuffs, head bands and hoods both over our ears and head and gloves. We were surprised to be so frozen inside the two train stations!

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Inside the Milan StationInside the Milan Station
Inside the Milan Station

Notice the people coming up an escalator.

18th January 2011

That's my dad!
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill I am having a great time reading along on your adventures! When I opened this post, the first thing I saw was the picture of the young man and thought "That looks like my dad!" Then I read your comment and caption and had to laugh... you guys aren't the only ones who had that thought! Can't wait to read more about your travels. Love to you both, Britt

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