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Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen December 13th 2014

It was mostly a travel day today on the 3 hour return journey from Celerina via Thussis, Chur and Sargans to St Gallen. We arrived in St Gallen at 1.30 to be met by our friends Bruno and Gertrud. After a settling in and a cup of tea we bussed back into St Gallen for a Christmas concert given by several hundred school children, aged 6 to 12, from schools around the city. Bruno and Gertrud’s grandchildren were in the choir which made it more personal. What a wonderful concert! There was an excellent orchestra and conductor and the children sang a range of Christmas songs from various countries like Switzerland (of course), South America, Israel, England and the USA. By all accounts this afternoon was the first time they had actually practiced as one full ... read more
St Gallen's cathedral and Christmas tree
Christmas light display in St Gallen's town centre

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen » Uzwil June 20th 2014

Wir haben heute die Route grob geplant damit wir ungefähr wissen wieviele Kilometer wir mit dem WOMO fahren. Resultat: ca. 6'000 km... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen June 24th 2013

Raining again so we need to be creative with our activities. We went out of town to Flawil the Maestrami/Munz Chocolate Factory to see the favourite eats of the Swiss being made. Who would have thought that so many chocolates could be turned out in one minute – one per second it seemed. Who eats so many chocolates? Most Swiss it would seem. We came away with a nice little stash of chocolates to last for some time including a Swiss Army Knife chocolate to present to Neil and Karilyn on their arrival in the morning. “Welcome to Swizerland Herr and Fraulein Froude. Please accept this wonderful gift from TTAT’s tours on your arrival”. The chocolate is wrapped to look like the real thing. An interesting way to spend an hour or so. We drove back ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen August 4th 2011

Wow, that bed certainly did feel good last night. And waking up knowing that there was a nice hot shower available and that we didn’t have to pack up the tent was fantastic! By 9 a.m. we were all awake and eating a breakfast of cereal, our favorite breakfast food made all the more enjoyable by the conversation with Kamal and Mikael. By 10 we were all headed for St. Gallen, just 15 kms. away by some back roads and trails with lots of steep ascending. We visited the cathedral in St. Gallen, built in the mid 18th century in the Baroque style, and left Mikael in the center plaza to try his hand at busking, earning money by juggling. Kamal, Bill, and I then took some bucolic back roads through Switzerland farmlands and orchards, seeing ... read more
The Juggler's Sign
Kamal, Bill, and Gerri

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen August 3rd 2011

Blog -- August 3 Where Am I? We biked through three countries in a matter of hours this morning. At times, we were not quite sure whether we were in Liechtenstein, Austria, or Switzerland. But this evening, we are definitely in Switzerland. We awoke to blue skies and warm temperatures. Biking along the Rhine River, we had 40 kms. in before 11:00. It was about that time that we got “misplaced” in the town of Hohenems, right on the border between Switzerland and Austria when we stopped at a store for a supplies. It was also at about that time that the clouds moved in and the temps got cooler. We eventually found our way towards Rorschacherberg, our goal for the evening. About noon time or so, the clouds opened, dumping their load of rain on ... read more
Along the Rhein

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen July 3rd 2011

After a most enjoyable but short visit to see friends, it was time to return to Grindelwald. Even though it was almost 2 years since we were in St Gallen it was still quite fresh in our memories. Bruno and Gertrud have been great hosts as well as friends and maybe we can entice them to New Zealand. You cannot compare this area in the north with the Berner Oberland because they are quite different. The Apenzeller area does have mountains but it has mainly lower and rolling countryside to the north. We discussed a different way to return to the south and chose to travel to Lucern and then along the Emmental Valley through the center of Switzerland via Wolhosen, Langnau, Konofigen and Thun. We had a hour to wait in Lucern so we took ... read more
Farm buildings

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen July 2nd 2011

We headed off by car across the beautiful rolling rural countryside of the St Gallen Canton and on into the Canton of Thurgau to the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The back country roads pass through orchards of cherries, apples, pears, occasionally grapes, dairy farms and grain crops. There are many trees dotting the landscape and areas of forest. I think that is one of the things that strikes you about this country and others around - they value their small forests and trees and it makes the countryside so attractive. We, on the other hand see farmland as an area to clear and make every part available for grass. Fortunately we have large areas locked up into National Parks and Forest Parks for the future. On reaching the lake we parked at Uttwil and headed off to ... read more
Lake Constance

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen July 1st 2011

Off to St Gallen to visit Bruno and Gertrud, the friends whom we house-sat for, 2 years ago. We got a train from Grindelwald at 9.20 and arrived at Abtwil, St Gallen at 2pm. Connections are so good that despite changing trains at Interlaken, Bern, and Zurich and then bus to Abtwil, it is only a few hours to go across the country. The weather was not as nice as we expected in the north and we arrived to light rain and Bruno waiting for us at the bus stop with umbrellas. What a good man! It was lovely to see this couple again and we were soon catching up on each other's happenings over a glass of wine and lunch and then heading off to Bischofszell to a Rose Festival - rain or no rain. ... read more
Unusual costumes

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen February 21st 2011

Hi All, So a long time between posts but we've been having a holiday withtin a holiday during our time in Switzerland staying with Evi and being spoilt rotten. On our second last day in Munich we meet up with Holly's relatives Pepi and Lily and also Pepi's brotre Rolf and his wife Heidi. They were nice enough to pick us up from the station then take us to there house before treating us to a proper Bavarian dinner. The night was really nice and we also so logged some time on the Autobahn! We ending up kicking on late into the evening before returning to our hostel and organising to meet the following morning. As we organised Pepi picked us up near our hotel in the morning to give us a whirlwind drive by tour ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Sankt Gallen May 30th 2010

Sunday, May 30th: Sadly, it was time to leave my Bavarian family, and head up north to where my other uncle lives. Normally the drive would take about 5 ½ hours, but we wanted to stretch it out to two days, and drive through and explore the Black Forest (Schwartzenwald), Switzerland, France and Luxembourg. We left late, about 9:00 I think, and it took us about 2 hours to reach our first destination: Lindau, a town on the Bodensee, or Lake Constance. We actually got up to 160 km an hour on the autobahn! That is 100 miles per hour! Whoopee!!!  Lindau is located very close to the meeting point of the Austrian, German and Swiss borders. The old town is on a tiny 1 square mile island that is connected to the mainland by ... read more

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