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Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls May 25th 2018

Près de Schaffhouse notre arrêt est réservé au Chutes du Rhin.... Il y a plus de 15'000 ans, le Rhin, dévié de son cours par des mouvements tectoniques, a dû se tailler un nouveau passage. Les chutes du Rhin se sont formées à la frontière entre une couche de calcaire dur et une zone de cailloutis. Plusieurs centaines de mètres cubes d'eau par seconde se précipitent en mugissant d'une hauteur de 23 mètres sur une largeur de 150 mètres.Un rocher émerge au centre des masses bouillonnantes, bravant les éléments depuis des millénaires. Un bateau emmène les visiteurs sur le Rhin, leur permettant d'accéder à cet îlot escarpé situé pratiquement au coeur des chutes et d'observer ce spectacle na... read more
pour visiter les chutes du Rhin

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls July 17th 2017

We did a test drive up to Zurich Airport, Switzerland from Baretswil, Switzerland. We did this to prepare for the next day's real run to catch a flight to Barcelona, Spain. We wanted to check where the car rental return was and a quick run thru the airport to be ready for any possible next day issues. Just something we do to prevent surprises especially flying on other Airlines, and familiarize ourselves with the departing airport. But we always have alternate reasons like today, a trip to the Rhine Falls, Switzerland and a quick visit to Germany. We drove about 45 minutes from Zurich north to Schaffhausen. This is the area of the beautiful Rhine falls - a smaller Swiss version of our Niagara falls !! Fantastic. After two hours wandering around at the falls, which ... read more
Two Rhine falls spectators
Rhine falls, switzerland
Castle near the falls

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls April 30th 2015

I went to Switzerland on the 2nd of April for a week and stayed in Zurich. It was my first time in Europe and I was definitely impressed. Our first stop was the Rhine falls. It was a rainy day, but the rain made it all the more beautiful and mystical, in a way. The falls were lovely and you could literally see them up close from so many different angles. I thought it would be a little redundant to see the falls from 4 different areas, but each view was beautiful and unique, which is something that can be said for all of Switzerland. I was told that the farmers actually get paid to keep their land in tip top shape so that starry eyed tourists like myself would be in awe at all times. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls December 26th 2012

Another drive today, this time to Rhein Falls (supposedly Europe's most powerful waterfall, although we were also told that about one of the waterfalls in Iceland...?) and also to the town of Stein-am-Rhein. The waterfall was spectacular (see pictures, although it's much better in person). Although most of Stein-am-Rhein was still closed up, the old town was beautiful. After that, we drove around the countryside a bit more, and then thought we'd see if there was such a thing as Boxing Day shopping here. There's not. Malls completely deserted. Back home again, one more day of "local" sights planned tomorrow, and then we have a 4 day weekend trip planned that will take us away from Zurich.... read more
Rhein Falls
Rhein Falls

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls July 26th 2012

The alarm in my mobile phone rang at 2.30 that morning. Woke up and prepared my favourite backpack and the other stuff to accompany me during this two days trip. My destination is Rheinfall or Rhine fall, one of largest waterfall in central Europe. I first hear about this place from my friend Sarrah, who will also joined with me in the trip. We both meet in front of my house and walking straight to the train station. Not too far, only need 15 minutes. As we arrived, we checked the departure time and platform through the big screen in the centre of the station. our train already on track and we jump on. it takes around three hours to get to Bregenz, one of the city in west part of Austria. A lot of empty ... read more
Us in front of the waterfall
Up closed and personal
The map

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls August 7th 2011

Last night we enjoyed one of our most enjoyable meals yet in Switzerland -- stuffed baked potatoes. Because Swiss food is so expensive, we have really have to watch our francs. But our host, Antti, took us to a restaurant that serves only baked potatoes -- about 50 varieties. I got mine with cheese, tuna, mushrooms, and garlic sauce -- delicious. Bill’s had much more stuff on it and was smothered in barbecue sauce. These suckers were huge!!! With an ice cream cone for dessert, we were nicely satiated. In order to work up an appetite (as if biking 60 kms were not enough), we walked up to the castle, which has been a fortress since the mid-fourteenth century. We met and talked with the man who, with his wife, lives in the top of ... read more
The Rheinfall
Swan on the Rhein

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls June 1st 2009

24.5. Helle Ranskan reissun jälkeen kotona oli tosi kuuma keli. Sunnuntaina tehtiin löytö - meidän lähihuoltiksen viereinen "ouzerie" onkin oikeasti kreikkalainen ravintola. Ollanakin ihmetelty, että missä täällä on sellainen, ne kun on Saksassa yleensä niin mukavia. Henkkakin pisteli lihaa vartaasta minkä kerkis. 25.-26.5. Ihan outoa Viikon alussa Juha meni pariksi päiväksi Turkuun hoitelemaan Pirkko-mummun kanssa asioita. Tupu ja pojat olivat kotona ihmeissään. Lare-parka muutenkin ihmettelee elämän suuria kysymyksiä, nyt vielä tällainen sen silmissä täysin ennenkuulumaton juttu, että ei lähdetäkään kaikki johonkin... Pärjättiin kuitenkin. 27.-28.5. Pappa tulee Keskiviikkona tuli Kiukaisten Pappa meille kylään. Pääsi ihailemaan "meidän" maisemia tähänkin vuoden aikaan, viimeksihän täällä oli ruska, kun Pappa oli käymässä. Esit... read more
Me raameissa, Meersburg
Kuohua ja pärskeitä Reinin putouksilta
Karnivoori-Henkka lähi-kreikkalaisessa

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