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Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora July 9th 2014

We allowed ourselves the small luxury of a sleep in until 0600 after which we again headed into Mora to watch the boys flying. As each day of the SIV course went on they were doing more and more dramatic stalls and it made for great viewing. Jo and I were offered the chance to go out on the boat with Johan from where we could hear his instructions to the pilots and watch them as they fell towards earth from right above us. The debrief for the morning was held at the icecream boat so Nik, Jo and I tagged along. We all agreed that karting and a BBQ was the order of the day but first I was in for a treat. Johan offered to take me on a tandem paraglide. I was a ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå July 9th 2014

Lägger ut en bild på hur turen ska se ut. Åker som sagt från LA och slutar upp i NY där jag flyger hem ifrån sen.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora July 8th 2014

Nik knocked on our door around 0530 and we both wearily got changed and into the car for the five minute drive back to Mora. The six or so students were getting their briefing from Johan when we arrived so we set ourselves up on rocks at the side of the lake to watch them as they were towed into the skies by a boat. The first took off just after 0600 and having never seen towing for paragliders before it looked a little rough to me although, after the first few boys took off successfully, I became a little more comfortable with the concept. Takeoff and landing was in a small carpark separated from the lake by a 5 metre strip of sandy beach. Trees were abundant and a couple of houses made the landing ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora July 7th 2014

Jo and I were up earlier than most of the rest of the house so Jo put on a load of washing and we walked to the town square for a coffee. We returned around 1000 to find Nik had risen. After a lazy morning in the apartment, we had a quick look at a few local motorcycle shops and hit the road for Mora, a lakeside town in which Daniel had a log cabin that he was letting Nik, Jo and I stay at for a few days. Nik's paragliding teacher Johan was running an SIV course in the town and we met up with the crew on an icecream boat moored on the lakeside. Johan and the team appeared to be just like every other paraglider I have ever met... laid back, good fun ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 7th 2014

Stockholm was one of the four capital cities I visited last month on my Eastern European Baltic Tour. Having never visited before, it was a trip of first impressions, taking in the culture; something I love. Landscape and arrival For me often the most exciting part of landing in a country is looking out the window; primarily to take my mind off the potential ear popping, but to get a first glimpse. In Sweden's case, it was literally green. It may sound a silly description, but despite landing in a rural area of Sweden, I've never landed in a place surrounded by so many trees. We continued our voyage on the ferry in the evening, and saw the best sunset I've seen to date and were literally followed by constant greenery. Every now and then we'd ... read more
Stockholm; Cyclist City.
Green Sweden
Swedish hair-care

Europe » Sweden » Gävleborg » Gävle July 6th 2014

We woke at 0830 and once again packed all our gear for yet another flight. Breakfast was at the hotel and was the usual German fare of fresh bread with cheeses and meats. Our taxi to Tegel Airport arrived virtually as soon as the receptionist put the phone down from ordering it and within 20 minutes we were checked in for our Air Berlin flight to Stockholm. Unfortunately German precision meant that we had three hours to fill in at Tegel before our flight so a burger from Cindy's Cafe and two coffees that I sat on for as long as I could justified our position at our table in the busy area. We were very fortunate to get exit rows on the plane so I managed to get some sleep on the short flight to ... read more

Europe » Sweden June 22nd 2014

Having had my arse immobilized for far to long, a planned trip to Italy and the Balkans went down the drain due to my busted knee cap. Finally after 11 weeks I could swing my leg over my saddle and get on the bike again, also a good time to get a new bike, a thing I postponed due to not knowing how long time it would take my knee to heal. Maybe I was to be amputated what did i know, anyway I cancelled my up and coming BMW in march. Time came and I got the new beast, a spanking new BMW 1200 GSA, info for those of youy who care for the rest it's a nice big white motorbike that goes wrooom if you twist the right side grip. So why not break ... read more
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Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå June 17th 2014

Startade en reseblogg inför min resa till USA nu i juli-augusti. Blir borta i ca 40 dagar och reser från LA till New York. Ska försöka uppdatera så mycket jag kan. La upp ett par bilder på mitt kära Umeå!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm June 16th 2014

So Stockholm was our first stop on Summer Tour and was also the place we would return back to at the end. Here we met our Estonian tour guide and the other people who we'd be spending the rest of the week with. Our university History Society dominated the group on tour, but it was still great meeting new people! Stockholm had a really cool culture.. we laughed at the amount of hairdressers and advertisements as they seemed to be everywhere, as well as the amount of people riding bikes! We were told that people on bicycles get right of way and that we can't walk on the labelled bike paths. It was quite cool and a friend I met from Germany said that similarly everyone back home travels around by bike, because it's 'good for ... read more
Tour Tshirts!
Stockholm Sunset

Europe » Sweden June 16th 2014

So we arrived finally in Gothenburg and jumped straight onto a tram out of the city towards an area we had seen on google maps that looked like a good countryside type spot (topelsgaten tram 5). It only took about 15 minutes and we found ourselves in the middle of a residential area with not much idea where to go! After a slightly worried walk into what we assumed where the woods nearby we stumbled upon quite possibly the best Imaginable camping spot. (After scaring ourselves that we had seen a bear which turned out to be a large overturned tree and it's roots!) We set up next to an amazing lake (with water clean enough to drink) surrounded by forests, which I can only describe as something out of a film. We didn't think we ... read more

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