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Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland August 14th 2020

Signs en masse One thing we find a bit fascinating is that once you go about two hours by car north or northwest from Stockholm the shop signs start to change in style. The best way we can describe them is that the shop signs look antique. Similar signs further south in Sweden are more likely to look more modern. It seems to be a north of Stockholm thing. Or possibly, it is more of rural thing? We like these signs so much that we have decided to dedicate an entire blog entry to them. We have not posted all the photos we took, only the best ones. We have like a dozen more pictures of antique style signs that did not come out any good for various reasons. If we had really tried we guess ... read more
Hair dresser

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Kramfors July 30th 2020

Nature, culture and more along the High Coast The district Ångermanland is located along the east coast roughly in the middle of Sweden. This stretch of the Swedish coast is commonly referred to as the High Coast. It offers, among other things, wonderful nature and excellent hiking opportunities. During the last ice age all of northern Europe was covered by a several kilometres thick layer of ice. This ice was so heavy that the land underneath it was pressed down. When the ice melted and disappeared around 12,000 years ago this pressure was lifted. The land then began to rise again. This phenomenon is known as post-glacial rebound and is especially fast along the High Coast. Actually it is one of few places in the world where it is possible to study how t... read more
Full moon over the High Coast
Snowmobile warning sign
Most roads are paved though

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland June 30th 2018

Getting ready for Sunday The lovely chileana whose place I stayed at last night reminded me that it was unusual for shops to open on Sundays, so I would need to make any food purchases before leaving Fränsta. This meant waiting for the ICA down the road to open at 0900. So it was another late start, and by the time I had done a couple of circuits of the aisles, etc trying to find things, it was really getting on. A pleasant river walk For much of the morning, the path stayed close to the river. Trail conditions varied from level path well padded with pine needles and leaf litter, to ankle and knee threatening bare rocks and twisted exposed trre roots. Later in the morning it was a return to the gris àvagen - ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Sundsvall June 29th 2018

Fellow Pilgrims There was a mother and daughter with their two dogs in an adjacent cabin, and the mother came over to see if I was walking to Trondheim. She told me they had been, but the older of the dogs was not coping with the distances required each day. Her choices seemed to turn on getting the dog to a vet, and finding a cheap car so they could continue together in that. I wasn't sure what to think about their predicament, or even whether my thinking about it would add any value, so I put it out of my mind. Ruins, Roads and not much Path The breeze was up enough as I was getting ready to set out to give the vest another try just to keep the wind off my upper body. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Sundsvall June 28th 2018

Getting an Earlier Start My morning routine clearly needs some work, because I still wasn't away until 0925, with just as far to walk as yesterday. Most of the day was spent on a gravel road through forest next to a lake with occasional small farms or farming hamlets. If there was a highlight, it was find a lunch spot in front of a farmhouse with a great view over Stodesjon, the lake beside which I had been walking. My only company was to have a chat with a family group out cycling. We passed each other three times, only because I passed them picnicking at a sandy spot they had found at the side of the road. And then the rain came Sometime near Gålviken, it started to rain. Not heavily, but enough to put ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Sundsvall June 27th 2018

Getting things ready to go I suppose Sundsvall won't be much different from other Swedish towns in that most of the places I thoght I needed to get things done didn't open until 10 am, and in one case, not until 11 am. So it was a bonus to be directed to the post office to send a parcel to Elaine to meet her in Trondheim, after being initially misdirected to a newsagent. There I was able to post my parcel, get a pay-as-you-go SIM and meet a nice Swedish woman who had spent a little time a bit more than a little while ago helping muster cattle in the Kosciosko high country. After buying some provisions for the day, I wanted to get my pilgrim passport stamped in Sundsvall, but the place that could do ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland August 2nd 2017

Po rušné noci na kopci nad Sundsvall jsme se vydali zpět na nádraží, kde jsme si nechali batohy v úschovném boxu. Před samotnou prohlídkou města jsme si na odpoledne koupili lístky do Härnösand. Na nadrazi to docela smrdelo a behem nakupovani nas poprosil jisty african o pohlidani jeho kufru, ze si potrebuje něco zaridit. Z domluvenych 20 minut se stalo cca 40 minut. Prisel presne ve chvili, kdy nam uz dosla trpelivost a premysleli jsme, co s temi jeho kufry provedeme. Do odjezdu jsme měli asi tři hodiny, ale nejdrive jsme zaridili ruzne potrebnosti, a pak se teprve courali po meste. Tou první byl nakup repelentu - z domova jsme zadny nebrali, protože pry stejne nefunguji na mistni komary. A jelikoz uz pomalu mirime na sever a zítra budeme v narodnim parku, kde bychom je mohli ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Harnosand July 6th 2013

Een zwempartij en stralend weer was aangekondigd, toch moesten we 's ochtends vaststellen dat het andermaal bewolkt was en dat we dus ook hier niet in het water zullen gaan. Het weer was zich zeker niet zo slecht, de temperaturen vielen best mee en van regen was al helemaal geen sprake. We hielden een echte break dag, even winkelen, lang spelen met de kindjes, enz. 's ochtends trokken we nog even naar het centrum van Hedesunda om daar wat brood te kopen om vervolgens een oude zilvermijnput te bezoeken. Het was even zoeken vooraleer we hem gevonden hadden, zat goed verscholen tussen de huizen Eigenlijk was het ,ondanks de veelbelovende aankondiging, het eigenlijk een behoorlijke teleurstelling. Een put van 20 meter diep, precies een oude waterput, meer niet. De kindjes hadden in elk geval wel hun ... read more
camingview Hamvik

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Harnosand August 18th 2011

Die Zeit rast wirklich, bald sind die 2 Wochen hier schon wieder rum, wie schnell das geht... Gestern war der Plan, mal in nen schwedischen Club zu gehen. Unser lieber Timur hatte schon einen rausgesucht der auch Mittwochs auf hat. Also nachm Sprachkurs zum Systembolaget (Alkoholladen, in Schweden alles über 3,5% muss da verkauft werden). Hatte ich schonmal erwähnt dass hier alles SAU teuer ist? Hm ich glaube schon, naja die günstigsten Bierdosen haben ca. 1,20€ gekostet. Naja jedenfalls ein bisschen eingedeckt, zu Hause dann schön gegessen und vorgetrunken, weil wenns im Laden schon so teuer ist, wie ists dann wohl erst im Club. Gegen 11 dann zum Club, schön hingelaufen, alle hübsch gemacht (soweit möglich) und was war... Club war zu, toll Timur :D Aber zu seiner Verteidigung, es stand wirklich an der Tür dass ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Harnosand August 14th 2011

Ja ihr lest richtig, wir haben Strandwetter (bzw hatten es gestern). Sonnig ca. 25 Grad, wolkenloser Himmel, was will man mehr. Für alle die mich ausgelacht haben, dass ich im Winter nach Schweden geh, und jetzt daheim bei Gewitter sitzen ;) Schönes Barbecue am Strand, ein paar kühle "öl" und alles war gut. Vor allem nach dem anstrengenden Katersamstag war das die perfekte Erholung. Ansonsten nicht viel passiert, außer der Feststellung, dass in Schweden die Supermärkte auch Sonntags bis 19 Uhr auf haben, praktisch. Wenn nur nicht alles so teuer wäre. Selbst das günstigste Schwein für den Grill nicht unter 6 Euro zu haben, dann müssen halt ein paar "bratkorvar" herhalten, besser als nichts. Heute hat es sich das Wetter allerdings schlagartig anders überlegt und wollte sich an Deutschland anpassen, schlagartige Regenfälle, Wind... Naja wenigstens einen ... read more

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