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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 19th 2021

When my sister and I were trying to see each other after two years, initially Sweden was closed to Americans and UAE residents. The week before our Greece trip, the restrictions suddenly changed, so I decided to keep our Greece plans and go to Sweden after for a week. My sisters and I took a quick trip to Stockholm back in 2004, when our other sister was studying in Finland. We had taken the ferry from Helsinki to Talinn Estonia for a few days stay, then an overnight ferry to Stockholm for a two night stay. Our ferry crossing then was memorable in that it was very rough seas. My sister I am seeing now has notoriously horrible motion sickness and she took dramamine pretty much immediately to pass out, but my other sister and I ... read more
Skansen - workshops along street
Vasa Museum
Junibacken - Pippi's house

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 5th 2021

Death played chess already in the 15th century When we looked through our photos from last summer we noticed that we had some that were interesting enough to publish but that didn't fit well in any of the other blog entries. These random leftovers we have now put together in this blog entry. Trehörningen lake Huddinge is a city south of Stockholm and it is generally considered a part of greater Stockholm area. It makes perfect sense to say that since the Stockholm Metro system actually goes to Huddinge. In June we spent a weekend hiking and camping next to a small lake named Trehörningen just outside Huddinge. This is a place that generally only locals visit. In fact, we would not have found it without our friends who have better local knowledge than us. We ... read more
Bohus Malmön
"Footprint" in granite
Albert Engström's cottage

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm February 17th 2020

Dear All Greetings from London, towards the end of another February half-term, and just after another wonderful mid-winter mini-break. Since Denmark this time last year, I have been continuing with the Scandinavia theme for my February trip, mainly for my sheer recent fascination with this region of the world: its history, beauty and people. Whilst Denmark last year was a lovely little trip, my mini trip this year to Sweden has to be one of my most enjoyable trips – short, but incredibly stunning and sweet. I really did thoroughly enjoy every moment of my time in this stunningly beautiful country. On Sunday I was due to fly to Stockholm, where I booked myself into a lovely little apartment attached to the house of a Finno-Swedish family in the suburbs of Stockholm, which was to be ... read more
Swedish Royal Guard, Kungliga Slottet, Royal Palace
Swedish Souvenirs
Evert Taube statue and Stadshuset, City Hall

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 16th 2019

Lauantaina ohjelmassa oli satunnaista ajelua joukkoliikenteellä. Kävin katsomassa Solnaa. Poikkesin arkkitehtuurimuseossa.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 15th 2019

Pidennetty viikonloppu Tukholmassa, torstaista sunnuntaihin, suorat lennot Pirkkalasta. Ensimmäisen päivän ohjelmassa oli käynti ABBA-museossa. Minähän olin käynyt siellä jo aiemmin, mutta nähtävää riitti toisellakin kerralla. Museon jälkeen kiertelen kaupungilla, kävin katsomassa sattumalta pääkirjastoakin.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm September 30th 2019

On the train, two backpackers try to evade the conductor as they have not paid for a ticket. They are put off quietly at the next stop. Waking up in Stockholm, SWEDEN, we walk to the 13th century medieval city of Gamla Stan within the old town. The cobble-stone streets also lead to the Royal Palace where the King resides, and you can view the apartments and Royal treasures. The ethereal paintings on the ceilings are exquisite. Hand in hand we stroll through Kungstradgarden park, right beside the street named Brigitte Nielsen who was a Danish actress once married to Sylvester Stallone. A coffee tram rumbles past with a giant coffee cup on the roof. For supper, it is off to a sushi place, and it is the best we have ever had. How strange, fabulous ... read more
Outside the Palace
The Palace Chapel
The Palace Chapel

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 26th 2019

This was my last day in Sweden. Last night I took a photo of the view from my hotel window. (That’s the Stockholm City Hall on the right.) I started this morning by walking to City Hall where I intended to take a tour. That didn’t work out because of the large number of other tourists. All the slots for tours for the morning were already booked. Oh well. I enjoyed sitting in the courtyard and sipping my morning coffee. I spent the afternoon at the Nordic Museum which is devoted to five centuries of Swedish lifestyles. It was more interesting than it sounds! If Skansen (yesterday) was like Greenfield Village, then this museum is similar to a small-scale Henry Ford Museum. It displays Swedish house furnishings such as clocks, beds, chairs, toys, etc. But it ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 25th 2019

Today was a better day. I’m not completely back to normal, but I’m good enough to do some serious sightseeing. Today I toured the two sights I was most interested in seeing in Stockholm: the Vasa Museum and Skansen. The first is an indoor museum dedicated to the 17th century warship Vasathatsank on its maiden voyage and was then recovered 333 years later in the 1960s. It is in remarkably good condition - something to do with the brackishness of the water in the Baltic Sea. I was prepared to be impressed and I was. The museum made the clever choice of making the main floor of the museum be the waterline (rather than deck level), so the ship towers over you as you enter. It sank because of poor design - it was top heavy ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 24th 2019

Unfortunately I did not “hit the ground running” this morning. I’m still feeling poorly so I didn’t follow the itinerary I had planned. Instead I saw other sights around town and I was able to get a fair amount of sightseeing accomplished. To start, I followed Rick Steves’s walking tour of Old Stockholm which includes the Royal Palace. I snapped a photo of the palace (on the right), the cathedral (in the back), and a statue of a king of Sweden on his horse in the middle. Later there was a changing of the guard that was fairly impressive and included a marching band. The Nobel Museum is nearby and I toured that. Martin Luther King was the person featured and it was interesting to see the displays about him and his life. Later in the ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 23rd 2019

Today has been mostly a travel day. I flew from Copenhagen to Stockholm. I intended to spend most of the afternoon sightseeing in Stockholm, but flight delays and the fact that I’m still not 100% resulted in a day off. I was able to get things arranged so that I can hit the ground running tomorrow. I hope I am feeling up to it!... read more

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