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Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg June 27th 2020

Metallica, UFO, three bridges, a chimney and many talking stones We would like to write a little about five somewhat unusual sites we visited this summer. These sites have very little in common other than all being located in Sweden and that they are somewhat unusual. One of them, the smokestack, we didn't see this summer. That's a photo we pulled out of the archives. But we throw it in here anyway because it fits nicely into this blog entry's theme, which is unusualness (which we of course know is not a word). The Metallica Memorial: Strictly this is a memorial over Cliff Burton who was bass player of the heavy metal band Metallica in their early days. In September 1986 Metallica was on tour in Europe. In the night, just outside the small village Dörarp ... read more
Gate to the UFO monument
The UFO monument
Tree damaged by the UFO

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg June 26th 2020

The only survivor The Grimeton Radio Station is a piece of industrial heritage which is so unique that it has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Emma is not very interested in old radio stations so when Ake went to Grimeton Emma spent the time at an outdoor recreation centre a few kilometres away. In the 1920-ies it was possible to build long wave radio transmitters so powerful it was possible to send radio signals across oceans. This technology made it possible to send messages from one end of the world to another alsmost instantly. The messages could only be sent in Morse code, but was still far superior to any other communication technology available at the time. In a few years a network of radio stations using this technology was established. One ... read more
Just trying to capture a cool photo
Grimeton Radio Station
The switchboard

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg July 2nd 2017

I do’t like freeways nor congested cities, well I got my fill going through Vancouver and down to the border, into the US, strangely enough no major questions asked by the lass in the border control, it must be my good looks and impeccable dress and spotlessly clean motor bike. I stay in yet another motel around Bellingham as my plans were to visit the Boeing factory. Quite interesting but I would have liked more technology. So then I went up to the Olympic(?) peninsula and followed the coast aiming for Aberdeen, it looked good on the map but reality was another thing. The sun had chosen to go away as well as the fog rolled in from the ocean it got cold or at least cool. They've got rain forests out there, some people call ... read more
2017-07-01 14.03.21
2017-07-01 14.04.51
2017-07-01 14.05.09

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg July 5th 2016

Woke up late. Set off after bacon and eggs. Pleasant trip to Oslo. Satnav tried to take us into centre but crowded and issues with one ways so gave up and got back on main road. Made one final stop in Norway at service station and bought ice creams to spend some of our cash. Crossed over into Sweden with no controls and found a pleasant picnic site for lunch. Stayed on motorway pass Goteburg and parked up at simple site by sandy beach in Varberg. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg January 2nd 2015

Run like hell as my musicals gods aptly called a song. These last few days I've been running around like hell, not doing very much but as always I promise and then I hold myself to my promises. But now at the airport I'm free writing on a Mac as the Windows 8.1 is worse than stewed liver. I bought a nice little Lenovo thingy that promised the world and did not fullfil any of it's promises, so I took it back and got my money back. Then i looked fora second hand and found one in an unopened box that I could not open unless I payed, this computer was showed to me by a girl who came with it in a paper bag. I did not buy it, believe it or not, i ended ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg May 25th 2014

Am Freitag um 11 Uhr trafen wir auf dem Campingplatz Apelviken in Varberg ein. Der Platz ist riessig er beherbergt in der Hauptsaison bis zu 500 Touristen. Auch jetzt, obwohl noch Vorsaison, war der Platz schon zu schätzungsweise dreiviertel besetzt. Schön am Meer gelegen, hat er nebst einem beheizten Pool, gratis Internet hotspot, jede Menge Sanitäranlagen und Aktivitäten für Kids. Er liegt etwa vier Kilometer von Varberg entfernt. Man kann auf einem Fussweg am Meer entlang in die Stadt laufen. In der Gegend beginnt langsam die Schärenlandschaft der schwedischen Nordseeküste. Nach der Installation unseres Reisemobils, machten wir uns auf den Weg in die Stadt. Am Meer waren die Badeplätze schon von Sonnenhungrigen belegt. Die meisten begnügten sich jedoch mit sonnen, nur ein paar Unerschrockene wagten sich ins kalte Wasser der Nordsee. Varberg ist eine überschaubare kleine ... read more
Verdiente Rast
Die Sonnenhungrigen zwischen den Felsen
Durch diese hohle Gasse muss er kommen ;-)

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