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May 3rd 2017
Published: May 3rd 2017
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The drop top Bug was a funky choice for our night drive to Atlanta , good fuel consumption, and easily cruised at 80 mph, which just kept us up with the semi truck traffic. The Interstates in North Florida and Georgia are awesome. Good traffic flow , great reststops, smooth surfaces. I do not like the excessive use of lighted billboards along the route! Hundreds and hundreds , marketing Divorce lawyers , sex shops and fast food. Something related?

The drop top was , however , the worst choice we could have made when it came to grabbing some much needed sleepies. There was no way Kate or I could get comfortable enough. The Dodge mini van had to have been the preffered choice. Oh , truck stops are very busy at 0300.

Easy peazy operation out of Atlanta and into Toronto. Then the reality check. Weather the previous 24 hours and the closure of rumway 05/23 caused cancellations and delays that impacted everyone. The system is fragile and once the slippery slope starts humans start to lose their composure. Zombie like passengers stagger while asking for , no demanding , answers to the debacle that they believe is affecting them only. Believe me, everyone wants things back to normal.

Our Paris flight connection to Montreal was cancelled and for whatever reason the Montreal Paris leg was now oversold by 6 seats. Our luggage went to Montreal on a later flight, we wanted to believe that. Somewhere in the bowels of the dungeon sat 90 lbs. of our next 21 days needs

Toronto Airport Hotels had no rooms or humour when dealing with these events, so we kept consuming broadband looking for every potential means of crossing the pond. Everything was oversold, then we crossed paths with an Air Canada gate agent who was the sweetest. She had info on the Barcelona flight ,which we were not privy to. The missed connections created some options for us!!!

Falling asleep again ,, here in Barcelona. Very familiar feeling , not one I miss.



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