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May 1st 2017
Published: May 1st 2017
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82 degrees F here this morn, and Kate has the top down, headed into Palm Coast for a nail appointment.

It's our daughter Candi's 30 th birthday today. Makes heading out even more difficult. We will do a beachfront dinner with the family , then mount up for the Atlanta drive.

The Avis operation out of Daytona was super slick. They offered three choices, a Kia Forte, a Dodge Minivan or a Convertible Turbo Bug.

I went with what I felt was the most sensible and practical choice, the drop top beetle !

The loads are good Atlanta to Toronto, we are in early enough to have a few Rapidair choices (Toronto-Montreal) they can oversell in minutes. Can you say Mooo!! Once in Montreal the CDG (Paris) legs show lots of Executive seats available.

Air Canada shows the number of sears available on each flight and the number of Cons, contingent passengers trying to travel. There is also a website, TripAdvisor, that shows available seats for Airline Employees on almost every flight Worldwide.

This information really,is a big time advantage when travelling. You need to have Internet access though. We have been using Data SIM cards in our IPhones. This allows Net Surfing, texting and FaceTime literally,all,over the World.

I see a problem with being a long time Airline Employee in that I struggle to pay full fare for any travel vacation arrangements. Hotels , resorts , flights, camel rentals. Im sure it drives our friends nuts. Just buy a ticket!

Good story, newly married and crossing the country heading for Vancouver in a 1969 Alpha Spyder. You know "The Graduate. " No heater , at least no working heater. Ran into snow around White River, in Northern Ontario. They closed the road. All rooms in town occupied, except the White River Hotel.

Registered at the bar, the room price was $8 and I asked the Bartender for an Air Canada discount on the room. He asked me if I could get him a deal on a flight? Ordered a beer and left a great tip.

We have changed our travel routing at least three or four times and we haven't turned a wheel yet.

So , we are off to enjoy our last Floridian day, have to buy our grandson something Pirate . Maybe an eye patch.

See you,all in Atlanta,

Kath and Kim


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