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September 29th 2013
Published: September 29th 2013
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Oh the day that seemed so long! Today seemed to d-r-a-g by VERY slowly. Which was strange. I woke up late, about ten in a bit of a haze having slept so little. I then got out of bed and had some breakfast and washed my face before diving back under the covers for another hour’s worth of sleep.
After I got up (again) I made the kids brunch type food and got them dressed; their parents then took them to mass while I—the protestant of the household—relaxed at home. I then went for a walk and a search for a better internet connection as the internet at home is SO slow. I found a little café and hunkered down to watch….HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER SEASON 9 EPISODE 1!!!!!!And yes, that was the highlight of my day!
I laughed, I cried, I related and I anticipated all in my seat in the café while passersby stared at me and I just smiled widely.
After some hot chocolate, tapas and coke (light) I headed home to find the munchkins watching a film and the parents napping. So I watched them and read throughout the afternoon.
When the film was done they played with crafts while Lucia pretended to be the teacher. It was a bit boring to just hang around, but I am good at entertaining myself and so I did my finances for September!!
After Susi got up we did showers and PJs before Lucia and I went to the supermarket to buy a few things. Let’s just cut to the chase of this story and say that we took the most round-about-way EVER and got there an hour after we should have and then waited in a super long queue…needless to say, it was a little crazy. And the whole time she was being exceptionally sassy and I definitely was ready to have some “me” time when we got home.
But unfortunately the other kids were still up so I had to work for a while longer while Elena screamed because she was so cranky, Marta whined and George looked for his lost book! So it was quite an excited time.
I finally got some quiet time at 9:45PM, but I was so sleepy I wrote my journal and then PASSED OUT!


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