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September 30th 2013
Published: September 30th 2013
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Ah, another week begins! So this was my first, well second BIG test in which I was to face the ultimate challenge: kids in the morning! AHHHH! So I rose early, got dressed, set the table and then dared to do the impossible: GET THEM UP, DRESSED, FED AND ON TIME TO SCHOOL!!! And I tell you what it happened; I bribed Marta with sweets, was stern with George, coaxed Lucia out of bed and got Elena up last! Then they all were fed, cleaned and off to school.

I thought I had a victory when “it” happened: Elena decided to get cry-ey…meaning we were half way there when she needed the toilet, which she then needed to cry about for the remainder of the walk; then she didn’t want to go to school so she clung on to my leg and howled. I finally detached her from my person and passed her off to her teacher and then practically ran down the hill away!

I then went back to sleep because I was very tired and dreamed some strange dreams. After that I hit up the gym and swam some before running some chores around Vigo.

At 1:45PM I was back at school again to get the kids before taking them home for lunch. I then got them settled into homework and entertained Marta and Elena until Susi and Pablo came home at 5:15PM. I then went for a walk with Marta, while grumpy Elena napped on the couch and the other two did homework.

After we got back, I settled Elena down in front of the TV with a film and held her head while she calmed down. It was about then when Susi told me I was free for the evening and that I could go out if I wanted to.

So I JUMPED at that opportunity! I got dressed and took a long walk to a café where I had a glass of red wine (Vino Tinto), read a book and skyped with one of my best friends J What a good end to the day!


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