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October 4th 2013
Published: October 8th 2013
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Well, it's been a while scinceI last updates this lovely blog. The reason being an insanely busy week!! My week was filled with my new Spanish classes---which at first had me screaming but now are my new challenge! The kids (of course), gym time, coffee with the other au pairs and lots of Skype calls from my best friends at home. That--the calls--are amazing, to know they're taking their time and spending it on the phone to me...it's amazing and makes me feel so loved.

Feeling a bit exhausted and a little short tempered, I left the kids on Friday morning for a little trip to...(drum roll please) PORTO, PORTUGAL!!!!!!

Jen and I caught the 11:30 bus from Vigo to Porto on Friday morning. Once there we ate a delicious lunch. And then Went on a bus hunt!!

Meaning we it by on some poor Spanish on my part and found out the bus stop's location.

We then caught a your bus and went on a lovely sight seeing jaunt. After which we got on a boat for a boat your of the six bridges of Porto.

Next, we headed to a mall to buy---school girl outfits! BECAUSE we had tickets to the party of the ear in Porto; called rebel bingo, where the theme was school girls vs. geeks. It ended up being a really cool party where we all wrote on each other with washable markers!!

But before we got to the party we met up with goncalo, my friend from Africa that we were staying with.

After a traditional Portuguese dinner and drinks we headed to the party.


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