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Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto April 1st 2019

We have been in our 'new' home for a few months now and since the actual move had meant we had cancelled our winter sun plans, things were now much calmer 😅 I was spending less time at the hospital and in general things were quiet. Andrew had some annual leave to use up before the end of March so a quick search on the Ryanair website and Porto was booked ☀️✈️ Neither of us had been to Portugal for quite a few years, we figured the weather wouldn't be too bad and the flights were cheap and convenient so whats not to love ❤️ . In the weeks preceeding however we had managed to find a house to buy and James had dropped out of school so things were not so calm on the home ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto November 11th 2018

Carl’s concert at Coimbra university went really well. He delivered an hour lecture speaking as a musician to the audience of musicians in terms they fully understood. But he also spoke about the zen of shakuhachi. The students learnt that there is more to music than the Western tradition and some were deeply inspired and wanted to purchase a shakuhachi and pursue studies in Japan. Our love for Portuguese Fado brings us again to Coimbra. Fado is medieval and was/is a serenade song. The spirit of Fado is a deep yearning and in that respect it is similar to Japanese Enka. It is in the tiny taverns that you hear the most soulful Fado. Oliveira Salazar, the cruel dictator of Portugal knew that the Fado singers were a danger to his regime. He sent many of ... read more
Carl concert Coimbre
Questions 01 smaller
audience 04

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 29th 2018

24th July Oporto Located along the Douro river, Oporto lies within the estuary. Arcadia berthed a few miles down the coast in the harbour of Leixões, the Passenger Terminal is one of the finest examples of the architecture of the nineteen-sixties and it has recently been considered a part of the Architectural and Historical Heritage of the City of Matosinhos. So Oporto City Centre is about 8km north and lies on the banks of the Douro. Unfortunately with the traffic the shuttle takes about 40 minutes to the centre where the tourists are out in full. The historic centre was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1996 for its continued preservation of its historical sites. And you can see why, you are surrounded by churches, within a short walk we passed the Igreja dos Carmelitas, ... read more
Porto 2
Porto 3
Porto 4

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto » Matosinhos July 7th 2018

Portucale, c’est comme ça qu’on nommait Porto il y a quelques siècles. C’est aussi probablement cette ville qui a donné son nom au Portugal. Il paraît donc évident qu’une partie du pays trouve sa source ici. Porto s’étend sur quelques collines surplombant fièrement le fleuve. Vous aurez donc besoin d’aiguiser vos semelles et d’une bonne paire de mollets pour arpenter les centaines de rues et ruelles aux pentes prononcées, aux petits pavés inégaux et aux trottoirs de mosaïques à damiers noirs et blancs, au détour desquelles trônent fièrement monuments historiques et églises baroques. Il faudra obligatoirement ensuite prendre le temps de souffler et de ménager nos énergies en s’attablant à une des mille terrasses qui s’offrent à nous pour notre plus grand plaisir! Les couleurs vives des azuléjos et les toitures orangées des maisons donnent son ... read more
Ruelle donnant sur la gare de Saõ Bento
La tour des Clercs
Ribeira, en descendant vers le quai

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 6th 2018

Je ne commencerai pas mes chroniques portugaises en vous parlant de Porto car je n’ai pas encore complété mon programme. Et comme l’inspiration a besoin d’être nourrie, je vous invite aujourd’hui à plutôt me suivre doucement dans la magnifique vallée du Douro qui est maintenant classée au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO pour ses magnifiques et réputés vignobles. À environ 100 km à l’est de Porto se trouve Regua, petite ville nichée au creux de la vallée du Douro. C’est de là que j’entamerai le voyage de retour à la fin de la journée. Je me rends donc très tôt ce matin, à la superbe gare de Saõ Bento, en plein cœur de Porto, qui, à elle seule, vaut le détour pour y admirer les quelque 20 000 azuléjos qui ornent les murs de son hall d’entrée ... read more
Versant ouest, du train
Versant sud
Les pieds dans l’eau!

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto June 21st 2018

We fulfilled one of our major aims of travelling the Iberian Peninsula by exploring the Douro River Valley. We came away tired but exhilarated by its ruggedness and extreme beauty. Our guide, Diego, picked us up in his very comfortable and smooth travelling minivan at 8.10am and we headed out of Porto full of excitement to view this wild and beautiful landscape that I had read so much about. The Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula flowing across northern-central Spain and Portugal to reach the sea at Porto. The Douro (vinhateiro=winegrowing) is an area of the Valley devoted to vineyards and is primarily known for Port, a sweet wine that has been produced here for 2 000 years, along with red and white wines. The “microclimate” allows for the cultivation of ... read more
6km Tunnel
One of many long and high bridges

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto June 21st 2018

Today we doodled around. Casual. Yes, surprised even ourselves. Wandered a few streets. Gave a few businesses a few Euros. Watched the Socceroos perform pretty well against Denmark. Prepared our luggage for tomorrow’s flight. Ventured down to the Douro for the evening. Easy as. We’d come back to beautiful Porto. Unfinished business.... read more
Cais da Ribeira

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto June 20th 2018

We arrive in Porto, the 2ndlargest city in Portugal, knowing it is our final stop on our travels of the Iberian Peninsula. After ‘dumping’ our luggage in storage at our ‘before-check-in’ accommodation it does not take us long to make our way to the Douro River to feel the freshness of the breeze coming from it as it is a hot day again. We have lunch at a small café situated on its bank before heading back to check-in. We stay in our room … and … for a few hours … sleep! First time we have done this in the 63 days. The very late nights caught up with us. Revitalised, we hit the night-life again. We were not to be disappointed. The best has been kept until last in all ways. 1st class travel ... read more
Platform 5, Lisbon.

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto June 18th 2018

First thing in the morning, 6.30, I'm up on the sun deck admiring the view of Porto across the river from Gaia where the cruise ships dock. There's a heavy mist rising from the water with the heat of the sun, and beyond the famous Dom Luis 1 bridge the view has a mysterious air. We start our river cruise with a ‘sumptuous breakfast’, one of 3 available - Early riser (6-7.30), sumptuous (7.30-9), and late risers (9-10.30). Very civilized if you like breakfast! If you want to take the tours, every day bar one means getting up to go out between 8 & 9. Although lunch is provided on return most people ate at least something from the buffet. Each day there was a choice of 2 trips, usually one walking and the other on ... read more
Lello bookstore
Tina Potter?

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto June 17th 2018

It was a 3 ½ hour drive from Lisbon up the A1and as we came off it near Porto there were toll booths. Arrival at Vila Nova da Gaia was down a steep winding road following a Viking bus after the driver came across it at a roundabout. It was his first time on this transfer and his sat Nav did not seem very helpful. We drove along the quay and pulled in next to the boat. We were boarded 3 at a time up the gangway for safety reasons, I guess it was quite a steep slope and know that gangways collapse as it happened on a Med cruise that we took. Clearly we were early and just a small group in for lunch. It was a simple green salad, chicken, steak or salmon with ... read more
Dom Luis 1 Bridge

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