It's two o'clock in the morning and decisions must be made

September 28th 2013
Published: September 29th 2013
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My first weekend with the family! After a (little) night out I got up later considering there are kids in the house—they were so quiet! I made Elena some breakfast—which was a new word she learned today J! After that we hung around the apartment doing crafts in our PJs. We finally got it together to go out about 1:30PM when I took Jorge and Lucia on a walk around town. Went did a bit of shopping and then went to MacDonalds—their favorite place—to play and eat CHICKEN NUGGETS (with tons of ketchup)! We then trudged back to the apartment in time for lunch (at 4pm) which was this delicious pasta-crème-sauce-seafood dish. I then crashed! I was so tired that the parents let me take some time to go take a nap and go for a run while they took the kids to a puppet show.

During the time that they were away I skyped with my mum which I loved. We talked for an hour about everything; it’s wonderful to have migrated our relationship from mother-daughter to mother-friend-daughter and really enjoy talking to each other as people not as just family. We came up with plans for Christmas, when she’s coming over to visit me, and ideas about going to Morocco!

I had a very refreshing run before I settled in for the evening to look after the kids while Susi and Pablo went out for dinner. We watched some TV and brush our teeth twice and had a good time! I then settled in to the couch in hopes of watching “How I met Your Mother” but I couldn’t find it—what an utter tragedy!! I tried for an hour to no avail! L So instead I wrote my journal, relaxed and took a nap before deciding whether I’d go out at 3 AM or not…

And I decided that I AM 18 AND I HAD BETTER GO OUT! So after Pablo and Susi came home at 2AM I got all dolled up and called Jen and met them before we headed a club—the first of three for the night. It ended up that the group split up into three or four little groups, so I was out with just Jen, Miriam (from Germany) and Berivan (from Germany too) and it was so much fun! We danced and laughed and had a grand old time!

After we were getting tired we went to a local café and had French fries, hot chocolate and croissants before we all headed home at 6AM. In the end, I’m glad I went out J


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