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August 31st 2010
Published: August 31st 2010
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So off we went.

I kinda got the first bit wrong. In my head I had us leaving Perth mid-afternoon and landing in KL early evening. However according to all the bits of paper I was supposed to read we actually left at 6.30 am. This meant a 3.30am getup. Ouch. Apparently it was my fault because I failed to read the required material.

Anyway we arrived in KL around midday at the tight arse terminal. One would think that this would be OK but one forgets that tight arse flights are now very many and very popular and tight arse terminals are very old, very small and very far away from real terminals. Consequently we found ourselves in a sea of humanity until we were finally sequestered on an ancient bus travelling on a high speed motorway at a very low speed. It is really difficult to describe the odour of the average armpit jammed on a bus in the tropics at the hottest part of the day but I suppose the best one can do is to compare it to a wet nanny goat on heat. Quite unforgettable.

We arrived at our transit hotel where I was steeled to be as underwhelmed as I usually am at transit hotels only to find that it was absolutely luxurious and well worth wallowing in. So we six wallowed well - all afternoon and into the evening. So much so that we actually feared non-admittance onto the plane on the grounds of excess wallowing.

At midnight the six of us took the perilous 2 minute journey from the hotel to the terminal on the back of a glorified golf cart. It is a very pleasant feeling to charge down the corridors of a major airport in an electric vehicle with the wind blowing through your hair and leaving the muffled screams of pedestrians in your wake.

Anyway, after a mindnumbing wait and even more mindnumbing flight, except this time on a real airline (which really means tight arse but with empty seats cause everyone is flying tight arse) we arrived at Doha Airport. In an earlier post I described Doha as Dubai without the amenities. Needless to say I proved myself to be startlingly accurate.

So again we boarded another jampacked cylinder of humanity and headed to Madrid. Seven hours and fifty minutes later we landed, went through customs, taxied to our supposedly fabulous apartment and then sat and looked at each other. It is fair to say we all looked like crap.

And so our Spanish Experience begins..........


31st August 2010

ahhh hot weather
HI Rod and Donna Glad to hear that you had an interesting flying experience. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.... rain and rain and more rain here today! Look forward to hearing more of your adventures. Love Marsha
31st August 2010

Oh joy, joy! This is the part of longhaul travel that I dread. Even in business class! I hope you soon forget about your crapness, and can start enjoying the holiday as it should be. To the extent that you will forget there is a return journey waiting at the end of it :)
31st August 2010

You said arse an awfully lot of times. Does Donna know you are talking like that?
1st September 2010

sounds great
Hey you guys sounds as if youve hit the night life already (I'm proud of you) can you let donna know I have contacted Ryan and he has replied I will email Mitch and facebook brad. Keep it going Love Jo Donna missing the walks

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