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May 14th 2014
Published: May 14th 2014
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The beach at ValenciaThe beach at ValenciaThe beach at Valencia

On the Mediterranean Sea
Arrived in Valencia by plane. Our host, Juanjo, was at the airport to greet us. On the way to the apartment we will be staying at, he gave us a great little tour of Valencia complete with recommended places to eat and things to do.

Our apartment was a listing on This is our first accommodation from that source. It seems to be working out great. We highly recommend it for finding places to stay while traveling. You can get just a room in someone's home or rent an entire apartment, like a vacation rental.

We have a problem. We can't go home--unless I can find Valencia oranges there. Jerry has been making fresh squeezed orange juice each morning for breakfast and I think I have become addicted!

We had hoped to be able to stay a few days longer but the apartment is already rented to someone else. So upon Juanjo's recommendation we will take the train to a little town up the coast halfway between here and Barcelona.

So we go to purchase our tickets at the train station. "¿Habla engles?"we politely ask the man behind the counter. He abruptly answers, "¡NO!" Well that's
Apartment has a harp!Apartment has a harp!Apartment has a harp!

I have always wanted to play the harp
okay we should be able to make this work. But he just kept pointing to a sign and rattling off in Spanish. And each time he pointed to the sign and said whatever he was saying, he said it louder and louder. Speaking louder did not improve our comprehension of his Spanish. We weren't deaf, just dumb. Finally a young lady came up to the counter to purchase a ticket. "What is going on here?" she asked. YES, she spoke English! So with her help we found out that the the sign says they don't sell tickets between 1:30 and 5:00. That is siesta time! Ohhhhhh.

So later when tickets were purchased it was now time to get something to eat. We had passed several interesting places along the way to the train station. It should be easy to find a good place to eat. And with each step we were getting hungrier. We had eaten a muffin at the airport in Seville at 6 a.m. but it was about 3:00p.m. so it was time to eat. Each restaurant we came to was closed. Oh you could buy beer or coffee but the kitchens were closed untl 8:00 or
The favorite treat in ValenciaThe favorite treat in ValenciaThe favorite treat in Valencia

Junajo said we couldn't leave Valencia until we tried the favorite snack of the locals.
8:30 in the evening. Siesta time! So it was off to the grocery store which we were happy to see was open.

The beach in Valencia is gorgeous and not packed with tourists. The weather here resembles Brookings weather, except they get very little rain. Oh and did I mention that they grow the best oranges here.


15th May 2014

Great appearing beach
You have been away for one month and covered so very much ground and ocean. We look forward to your daily blogs. Nice photo of you Jan, it appears that there is a huge beach before you reach the ocean. I spoke with Suzie Etchart yesterday she is in pain with whatever is affecting her entire body. She says that she is allergic to wifi and all of the radio frequencies that are emitted from computer, smart phones and most electronic devices. The doctors think that she is "crazy:. I think that she is going to see a specialist in Portland next week and she has been spending weekends in G. Pas at her travel trailer there. Sheryl

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