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Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona » Villava September 27th 2012

Route: Roncesvalles - Aquerreta (or Akerreta in Basque) Starting the day, I am confronted with a sign that put in perspective what I am trying to accomplish: Santiago de Compostela 790 km..... Interesting is to observe how everything here in Basque country is in double language. The Basque language does not sound nor looks like spanish. Under way, fortunately everybody understands Spanish. A long day with very nice weather. I walked 29 km in about 7 hours and am now in the hotel en Akeretta where they filmed "The Way". I did not get the Martin Sheene room, but than again you can not have it all. We are staying here just 2 people: Paul Lynn (an american) and myself. A somewhat hilly territory we passed through today. Although we lowered from about 900 to 600, ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona » Villava September 16th 2012

Spain via the less travelled route. Camped beneath the white cliffs at Folkstone on 7th September we were looking forward to some proper summer weather and a bit of scenery in Northern Spain whilst the weather might be still be ok and the crowds hopefully have gone back to school/work etc. Arriving at St.Valery en Caux only to find the Aire packed with no space at all yet again(couldn’t get a space in June either), we went back to Veule les Roses just 10 minutes along the coast. Weather was great and a couple of days were spent walking the cliffs and beach before heading south. One night stays at Broglie, La Suze sur Sarthe, Turquant, St.Jean de Angeley and a really quaint hamlet called Laas which is in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Our vital ... read more
veule les roses
Veule les Roses (2)
View to st.Valery en Caux

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona » Villava April 23rd 2012

We are only learning how to use this blog so all you smug tecchies should not laugh too hard! Uploading photos.s is proving a challenge so please excuse us. We are now in Pamplona but will recapto give you details of each day. Saturday 21st April- Roncesvalles to Zurbiri Early start among the hordes of pilgrims emerging from what must be one of the largest and most efficiently run hostels ever encountered. Cold grey morning and need for time to shake off the wine and brandy from the night before. Madeleine now approves of Soberano but is determined it will give her heartburn! Down though the woods where they once burnt witches, to Burguete and promised breakfast in the panaderia. This morning the screw fell out of Maddy´s glasses and we stuck them togeter with micropore. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona » Villava March 20th 2011

Our time in Roncensevilles had come to a close just as the torrential rains began. Just a couple hours south of us the roads had turned to rivers and small European cars had become life rafts for stranded Spaniards. KIA´s may be greener but a Chevy Silverado wouldn´t have been swept away with the first spring rain. Luckily the more northern parts were spared from complete flooding but it made for an interesting 12 mile descent into Zurig, our end destination for the day. A warm cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast served to warm us up as we set off in the rain. Although it was pointless to attempt to keep our feet dry, we tried to dodge as many puddles as possible until we came across the inevitable- an overflown creek with ... read more
St. Patty´s Day

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