Brice Hudson


Brice Hudson

Adventure: putting one foot in front of the other.

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid April 13th 2011

With my hiking days behind me I set my sites on a week of exploring Spain. With the arrival of an old friend, Claire, I decided that Spain by foot was an irreplaceable experience, which I enjoyed to the fullest, but it was time to embrace modernity. We opted for the high-speed rail, bus, and metro to do our exploring. I met Claire in Madrid where I had already booked a hostel for the night. If Claire was not completely aware of the circumstances of our travel she was brutally introduced when she saw "Pop Hostel". On the advice of a fellow hiker I booked this hostel without knowing that it lacked hot water and was situated between a chinese dollar store and a strange smelling fish market. Claire took the realities of my economy travel ... read more
Beach time
Spain´s Atlantic Coast

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 3rd 2011

With a sigh of relief I threw my bag down on the dark Galacian granite of the plaza, laid on the sun-warmed ground, and watched the shadows march down the cathedral spires as the sun slowly sank behind the hills. Warm, Dry Greetings from Santiago: After 550 kilometers (just under 350 miles), more blisters than I care to count, and almost three weeks I am in Santiago de Compostela. I had planned my last week to be the easiest of my hike; Relatively short distances and a cool eight days to make it the last 200 kilometers. The casual days of easy strolls were not to be. My guilt trip about missing a section lasted much longer than the actual bus ride. Somewhere rolling along in the bus I subconsciously devised a punishment. Instead of an ... read more
Eucalyptus Forest

Europe » Spain » Galicia March 29th 2011

I finally decided that it was time to write out a rough schedule for my remaining time in Spain. Up until now I have been off the grid lines of calendars and dials of the clock, which is as it should be. However, time lines continue even without our participation and I had to plan my arrival into Santiago. I´m not proud to admit it but cheating was necessary. I hopped a bus to knock off about 5/6 days of hiking. Regrettably, I missed some of the middle section of the country but it was well worth it to spend my remaining time in Galacia. Galacia encompasses the northwest territory of Spain and has faint similarities to the Appalachian mountains. I feel at home climbing through the mountains, in between the trout streams and the hardwood ... read more
king of the castle
afternoon porch break

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos March 24th 2011

I knew long ago and rediscovered that the best way to attract attention, help, and conversation is to be lost- Steinbeck Solo a pied. Solo and on foot I started the second phase of my walkabout through Spain. With Linsey safely on her plane back to reality I set my sights on impressing these Spaniards with my newly acquired linguistic skills. It didn´t take long for me to come back to my reality and realize that 5 Spanish phrases is not that impressive, especially when I mispronounce every other word. The minute Linsey sped off in her taxi the experience took on a different dynamic. The people become as much of the experience as the miles of trail underfoot. First: The Trail I have knocked out about 20 miles a day since Linsey left with ... read more
Perfect sanctuary

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona » Villava March 20th 2011

Our time in Roncensevilles had come to a close just as the torrential rains began. Just a couple hours south of us the roads had turned to rivers and small European cars had become life rafts for stranded Spaniards. KIA´s may be greener but a Chevy Silverado wouldn´t have been swept away with the first spring rain. Luckily the more northern parts were spared from complete flooding but it made for an interesting 12 mile descent into Zurig, our end destination for the day. A warm cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast served to warm us up as we set off in the rain. Although it was pointless to attempt to keep our feet dry, we tried to dodge as many puddles as possible until we came across the inevitable- an overflown creek with ... read more
St. Patty´s Day

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles March 17th 2011

"Buen Camino" Happy Saint Patricks Day: Searching For Some Ibuprofin And A Green Beer In No Particular Order. Linsey and I hit the road on Tuesday morning determined to make it to Puente de la Reina, the small town that evaded us the day before due to the imposibility of the metric system. Kilometers? We made the 4 mile trek into town and toured the local church which was built in the 12th century. It was quite a spectacle but unfortunately we only had 5 minutes to tour the town, grab some bread, and start a return hike back to Pamplona to catch a bus. We had 5 hours to hike 12 miles back up and over a mountain and into Pamplona. Linsey seemed optomistic but I asked the Priest for a little spiritual assistance. The ... read more
St Jean
St Jean Bridge

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona March 13th 2011

The Delirious Fandango Lesson one of the journey did not take long to smack me directly in the forehead. Preparing for a months long hike, coordinating and fine-tuning a pack-list, and finally taking an 8 hour flight across the ocean is best done without being a shade hungover. But, it felt improper to leave Burke County without one last round of celebration. Needless to say, the morning after, with shades pulled down, shirt haphazardly buttoned, and tylenol in hand, I jumped on the plane with Linsey shuffling along right beside me. In the infinite wisdom of the ariline companies, American Airlines had scheduled a layover in New York. Unfortunately for us, we flew into Luguardia and flew out of JFK. This airport shift in and of itself is not a great logistical hurdle. However, just as ... read more
Bull doesn´t stand a chance
Pamplona Albergue

You may delay, but time will not. In typical fashion I have waited until two days before departure to fully commit to creating a travel blog. Forgive my amateur duel with technology, typos, pseudo attempts at Spanish, and the occasional cuss words that will inevitably follow. I will be using this blog to stay in touch with friends and family as I ramble across Spain along the Camino de Santiago. In total, the Camino Frances, which is the particular route of the Camino I am hiking, will be around 480 miles (that's around 800 kilometers for you fancy Europeans). My feet hurt just typing that number regardless of how it's measured. My sister, Linsey, will be joining me for the first 4-5 days of the hike which is a God-send. Her Spanish will help smooth over ... read more

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