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September 20th 2022
Published: September 20th 2022
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Leaving PortoLeaving PortoLeaving Porto

Surprising announcement on the death of Elisabeth II on a church.
Ponte de Lima to Vilaboa 80.36 km

A day dominated by batteries.
It started with finding out that my battery had not charged entirely during the night. My USA battery charger cable requires an adapter to connect to the European electrical outlets. Apparently, the adapter had slid out of the outlet during the night and had stopped the battery from charging. A major issue, but not fatal. We had to stop more frequently to make sure I did not run out of battery.

At a critical moment at the end of our today's ride on our way to the hotel, which resulted to be farther away than we anticipated, we were barred from charging in a restaurant. Something unusual that had not happened to us before.
We were all running out of charge and had to scramble to find someone willing to let us charge. Maybe the fact that we passed from Portugal to Spain had something to do with the good-naturedness of the people or the issue of electricity prices is different in both countries. (Note: due to the increase in gas prices as a result of the Ukrainian-Russian war, the cost of electricity in the whole of Europe has skyrocketed)
Detail: Spain and Portugal are in different time zones; the hour changes to one hour later between the two countries by just crossing the border.
I want to clarify some remarks we have been getting along the way: people seeing us on our bikes ask questions. When you tell them they are electric bikes, or better said, peddle-assisted electric bikes, tend to give you the remarks that that must make the Camino so much easier, meaning probably, a walk in the park.
Do these bikes make it easier: oh yeah!! No doubt. To be honest, I don’t think I could bike the Camino as we have done until now, on a regular bike. Is it a “walk-in the park”? Definitely not. You still have to peddle in order to get ahead, particularly uphill. The bike will not move if you don't peddle.
Today we biked 81 km, with an ascent rate of almost 1200m.
The start of the day brought a steep climb of over 250 m in less than 12 minutes. A heavy wake-up call and definitely not a walk in the park.
Tomorrow we will finish in Santiago. Happy to arrive, but also sad that the ride will be over.

By the way, for those who have never seen a bike battery, see the photo attached. Weighs about 3.5 kilos. Add to that the charger kit and the total battery pack will come up to. 5 kg

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And they are back...And they are back...
And they are back...

For those who followed my first Camino: the quiz that time. Typical of Galicia. "Oreos" to store corn. No mouse or rat will get in.

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