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September 24th 2013
Published: September 24th 2013
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Well I had my first big show down with one of the kids today…George, Crowkay, as they call him decided to really test the limits tonight, my first extended period of time without their parents. He and I had just had our first alone time together and it went really well, we took a long walk and went to some shops around Vigo. But as soon as the other siblings got home he really acted up, hitting the others, yelling and stuff and then he wouldn’t listen to me, he kept saying “you can’t do anything to me” so I grounded him for tomorrow and his parents have backed me up, so I guess that’s one win for the au pair!

The rest of the day was much better! I got up and got the kids ready for school, I then went to the gym where I worked my butt off (WHOOOOOOPE WHOPE!) before grabbing a shower and meeting the other au pairs for coffee. It was great being with them all, it’s a wonderful thing to have a group of friends where everyone can relate despite major differences in things like language and background; in the commonality that we’re all here to learn a language, be immersed in the culture, live with a family and take care of kids.

After the coffee date I ran to get the kids from school. We then went through the regular routine of lunch, homework and then play time.

All in all, I feel ok about my first bad experience because his parents are backing me up and he will think twice before doing it again I do believe.


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