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September 25th 2013
Published: September 25th 2013
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Ah kids, watching them makes me wonder if I’ll ever have any of my own, and if I did how I would raise them. I thought these were kind of strange thoughts to be having but when I went out with two other au pairs today they said exactly the same thing…to the “T”! That it really makes you think about all of that “further down the line” stuff; what we all really realized was that the most important factor in all of that is WHO you marry and have kids with, WHO your partner is. We all also realized that we were going to have kids a long way down the road! Haha!

Apart from that lovely revelation I had a pretty good day, it began with a fast workout at the gym after I dropped the kids off at school in the drizzling rain---I guess that’s goodbye sunny Spain! I then shot home and got ready to go meet the girls for a shopping trip! We then did a tad bit of shopping before we settled down in a café to chat and use the wifi (they say “we-fee” here).

I then found out I am officially enrolled in a Spanish class at the university of Vigo! After that little spurt of joy I went to get the other little joyful things (the kids) to take them home from school.

George, the eldest son, was grounded today, so he did his homework before and after lunch while I took Elena and Marta to the park and then Marta and Lucia on a walk through Vigo to the Port and of course we bought candy (or Tuty her). Lucia is very inquisitive, borderline nosy with all her questions about ex-boyfriends and smart-alecky comments. Marta loves to cry, which doesn’t EVER help a situation, but luckily enough for her I am a TERRIFIC ignorer! All in all the kids are good, but I must admit I am looking forward to working less hours from next week on when their school days are increased rom 2pm to 5:30pm!!!

I then finished the night off with a skype date with one of my best friends from England J


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