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September 23rd 2013
Published: September 23rd 2013
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I have realized the secret to being a good au pair---NEVER FEEL AWKWARD ABOUT ANYTHING. Really, it’s true. When I’m not sure what to do, I stand there in the corner of the room, being, some would say, awkward. When a teacher at school speaks to you in Spanish and you nod in all the wrong places; when the mother is going on about how her daughter is entering puberty…the usually daily events that you must take with a grain of sand and try not to laugh or cry.

Today was my second really normal day, it began with taking the munchkins to school, then coming home and cleaning up, oh and having a super strange conversation with the mum about how to have…”the talk” with her ten year old. It was weird to be on the delivering end of that conversation.

Next, I hit the gym up where I saw the very cute gym instructor once more and we chatted—oh Spanish men! After that I took a nap because I was a tired as could be and then went to get the kids.

We all had a big lunch (the main meal of the day here) before homework time. The kids split—two did homework (the eldest) and two went to a friend’s house. I then took the eldest, Lucia, shopping for some school supplies and she bought me an ice cream! It was great to get some good bonding time in with her, because I really pissed her off this morning when I accidently opened something she didn’t want opened.

After that we met the parents in the park before heading home to finish off homework, have dinner and go to bed.


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