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September 18th 2013
Published: September 22nd 2013
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Well the second day was quite eventful! I got up with the kids and we al got ready, I did breakfast on my own and then susi (the mother) and I walked them to school. On the way back we chatted about various things—her in half Spanish-English and me in English and five words of Spanish! Haha! Once we were back I read and hung around the apartment for an hour before meeting up with Jen, an au pair for another family. We walked around and got ice cream and coffee and found where they sell the knock off bags in Vigo—they’re gorgeous by the way, they don’t even look fake, but we were hoping they weren’t stolen…after wondering around we headed back to the train station. We decided that we’re going to take a trip together to Porto, Portugal soon, where my friend Goncalo lives! I then headed to the gym that’s next door, where I got to have a free first day work out. It’s a great gym with everything you could possibly want or imagine! After a nice long work out, where there were lots of lovely Spanish lads walking about I went back home. And what would await me but…a terrible scene! Susi covered in water and the house flooded! Apparently a pipe or something had burst and drenched this apartment and the one below, leaving the whole building very wet. So I went to get the kids and took them to the park where we ran into their grandparents. We then went to the supermarket with their grandparents and then home to have lunch (at 5pm) with them while the parents figured out what to do with the soaked apartment! I as a little bored watching the kids because they didn’t really need me, but it was ok. A little later we met Susi and Pablo (the dad) and went home after going to the park. I then skyped with my mum who I really have missed and went to bed!


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