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September 17th 2013
Published: September 22nd 2013
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My first day in Vigo! It began earlier than any other day thus far in Spain—7:45 AM, “so long party nights and all day sleeping!”. I showered and got ready with the children, we had breakfast and then I walked them with Sussi (the host mother) to school. Next we headed back to the apartment to pick up a few things before we went in search of the bus to the Universidad de Vigo! I took the bus alone, it took 50 minutes! I finally got there and then FiINALLY found Mercedes—the woman I had been corresponding with about taking lessons etc. The test was…well let’s just say I guessed through half of it, ok, 90% of it but I think my guesses sounded very spanishy! Haha! Then I went to a foreign students talk and made a friend (YESSSS….). After that I headed home for lunch with the kids at 3pm. I then unpacked and relaxed (with four kids in the house screaming) a little before we all went to the pool. There was some drama in the house about George, the eldest son, not doing his homework…it ended in a lot of yelling and him not going to the pool with us…au-oh! At the pool I made friends with the au pair of their friends, Jen, and we now have a coffee date tomorrow morning! (go me for being social!) After the pool we hit up the huge grocery store for various items, and I had the “let’s not make this awkward please” first feminine products buying with the family….yesss, boding moments! After we arrived home, I sought sanctuary in my room where I had some quiet time before supper and bed.


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