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September 20th 2013
Published: September 22nd 2013
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Each day things look brighter and better! Today I dropped the kids off at school and then met up with Jen, we then met up with Heidi, an old au pair of a family around here and her friend; they took us to a local language school and then we went for coffee. Every day I feel more settled down here and happier. I feel more at home and excited to be…IN Spain! IN SPAIN THAT’S WHERE I AM LIVING! Ahhhhh! Realization! After we toured the language school we went for coffee and chit-chat.

After that I came home and ran around doing some chores for Susi before I went to pick up the kids from school. They then packed up really fast and flew out the door to make the four o’clock train to Sanxenxo. I was then alone and free as a bird for the weekend!

I began my freedom with a trip to the gym, followed by a relaxing shower and some reading in the living room. After which I met a new friend—Beatriz. She is a friend of a friend of mine (a best friend to Ryan) that lives one street over! We spent some time in the old town and y the port and I met some of her friends. She was really lovely and offered to help me with anything I needed here. It’s a wonderful trait of the Spanish that they are so accommodating, or at least the ones I have met are that way.

After my time with Beatriz I went home and ate (at 10pm—I’m adjusting to the Spanish feeding schedule!) and got ready for a night out!

Jen and I then met up with Heidi and Kelsey (her friend) about midnight and went to a bar on the beach where we heard live music.

After that we attempted to go home! Meaning we couldn’t find a taxi so we wondered around for a while and then FINALLY made it home!


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