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May 6th 2007
Published: May 6th 2007
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It might not look like it but I was freezing and soaking wet. There was a torrential downpour and I didnt have a poncho!

Im here and have access to a computer again, so Im going to put up another update.....
Im still in Spain, and still on El Camino. Im in a tiny town called Najera now, and tomorrow Im going to go to Santo Domingo to get a lucky cock feather, and possibly go on to Grañon, supoosedly it has the best Refugio, for atmosphere, on the whole Camino. This is according to one of my new dear freinds Matt, who is on his third Camino. I have met so many great people, but my main group of miscreant pilgrims, consists of 2 englishmen, a dane, an irishman, and myself. There are far more men than women here, and Germans are the largest single nationality. I have olny met 2 other Americans. I lost them days ago, but they were okay.

I buckeled my kneee the other day so I had to swallow some pride and take the bus or get left behind. Damn that horse of mine for kicking it last summer!! Oh well, I got a brace today and it feels much better, so I am going to put it to the test with a 30km day
Ha AH!Ha AH!Ha AH!

Sporting my jerry rigged poncho the next day...
tomorrow. It is amazing, but we do that day after day, and for many days to come, it makes you realize how much abuse a human body can take and keep going. I do some yoga and stretches every night, and did acupuncture on my knee to help with the bustedness. So far so good, Im holding together.

Im also meeting a lot of Italians which is fun, because they love to teach me Italain phrases. My new favorite is Sono una donna, non sono una santa! Im a woman, not a saint! Im also on the mission to find a computer with access to a USB port so I can upload some pictures, until then, I can not even describe the country I am passing through it reminds me of Hawaii, then San Diego, then North Carolina, it changes constantly, but is always beautiful.

Send me some updates on what you are all doing so I can still feel like part of the scene! I miss everyone, but I am having an amazing time!

Well, damn! This didnt get published, I ran out of internnet time, and so it has been sitting here for a few
Oh no!Oh no!Oh no!

My pilgrim evening wear, it is the height of fashion!
days, let me bring it up to date quickly. Im in the smallest town called Hontanas. I am a few days down the road, maybe 5 or so... I already made a whole slew of new friends, including a man named Cinnamon! I swear its true!

Anayway, so much has happened, I hardly know what to say, except that I am about one third of the way now, and still holding togther. Although I did get the hugest blister the day we walked 48 kilometers! My friend Matt carried my backpack for the last 5Km at least. That is like 3rd base in Pilgrim land, but he is really more like my little brother than anything else! So it was a fillial obligation! I lanced it and drrained it, so no more problems, but I am taking two short days to make up for our forced march! Oh and I met a mother and daughter couple that are from Maui and we know tons of people in common, she even rode my old horse! Small world huh?


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11th May 2007

So glad you are having so much fun! I have been riding Andy every morning and every afternoon...I think I've had a few orgasms with him, he's a great lover...he moves me...even though he's a little rusty. He loves resting on the tree outside my work. I am so glad to hear you're doing well! Please take care of your beautiful self. I swear to GOD I MISS YOU LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!! I settled into my place and am loving the solitude. I finally performed with my Salsa team at Cinco de Mayo in Old Town...What else...I've fallen for a co-worker that's visiting (he's from the Austin office, and we have the exact taste in music and life goals to eradicate Human Trafficking and do pro bono while working for an NGO). But he lives in Texas. Meh. Can't wait to see pictures of everything! HOW I MISS YOU!!!!
12th May 2007

You are amazing!
Girl, I'm so jealous. I'm here bored and getting fatter and fatter by the minute!!! You are such an inspiration! I can't wait to do the same thing one day and with my daughter!!!! Please send us more!
13th May 2007

All's well
Hey hun, Life is back to normal now that school has begun again. I love this semester, the teachers are great! Matt n I had a great trip...You'll have to see the pics on my myspace. I am glad to hear you are making friends, but of courser we knew you would! Miss you much and send you much love and healing! ~A
16th May 2007

Backwards Hand Thing
Have you met any italian men that do that backwards hand thing and say things like ciao mama?

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