Episode 3: Sant Pere de Ribes

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July 1st 2011
Published: July 1st 2011
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1: Fiesta de Espuma 83 secs
Okay, I will start this blog with where we left off last time. Yesterday was probably the most exciting day yet. Basically, nothing happened until around 5:30. I spent my day at home, read my book, did yoga with my mom, and relaxed. At around 5:30, one of the yoga teachers from a yoga studio around here came to pick my mom and I up. Her name was Kirana, and she and her kid Noah were going to a festival called 'la fiesta de espuma' which meant 'the foam party'. It was in a town called Sant Pere de Ribes. Kirana, her kid, my mom, and I went to this festival, and it was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen.

Now, I was expecting a bunch of bubbles floating around, but that was not what happened. There was this huge cannon that mounted on top of a truck, and there was a guy with a squirt gun squirting everybody. Live music was playing to the side of the plaza. The guy with the squirt gun pressed a button to the side of a cannon, and foam started shooting out of the cannon. Soon the foam was up to my stomach.

The squirt gun guy on top of the truck then dropped his puny little squirt gun and took out what looked like a rocket launcher. It blasted water like a power hose. It was amazing.

After 'la fiesta de espuma' I went and got an ice-cream sandwich. They have this interesting flavor of ice-cream called 'nata' which in Catalan means 'cream'. It doesn't have a flavor, and it is actually quite good.

So that was the highlight of the day, and after that, I went home, ate dinner and fell asleep.
It is now the morning and my mom and I are having private Spanish lessons with our teacher Bibiana. My mom is currently having hers, and I am writing this blog. I will post tomorrow.

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1st July 2011

Hi Skyedude, Looks like you are having a great time, we love the photo of you with the foam head! We are enjoying your blog and look forward to reading more as your adventure continues. love Janice and Sacha
6th July 2011

I loved this entry about the bubblefest! What a terrific idea for a party . . . I wonder if they have such things in the US?! I would certainly take Evie and Thea to that in a minute, and maybe even Leo (though I bet you have to be tall enough to do it, right?)
6th July 2011

SkyeDude - Total coolness with the new Bubble video. I like how you announce what's happening and then disappear into the Bubbleness... Xxxooo, Dad

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