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June 30th 2011
Published: June 30th 2011
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So we left off when I arrived at my mom's friend Shawn's house. Shawn, her husband Pere, their kids Francesc and Olivia, and Olivia's friend Zoe are all at our house back in Fairfax, CA.
When I arrived, I was so tired that I took a 6 hour nap. When I woke up, my mom, Teja and I walked down to the beach and swam. It was a great first half-day in Spain.

The next day was pretty leisurely. I went to bed at 6:00 a.m and woke up at noon. Oh, one thing you should know. In Spain, they have something called siesta. It basically where the whole city falls asleep and all the stores close from noon to 5:00. So at around 5:30, we hit the bikes Shawn had left for us, and we rode down along the boardwalk into Sitges. I even ran into my 2 ghost doppelgangers. One of them speaks Spanish and the other speaks Catalan, the native language around Barcelona (see picture at bottom of page).

We had a great Italian meal of pizza and gelato for dessert. We then came home and went to bed.

So that brings me to where we are now. My mom is doing yoga and Rio, their cat, is curled up between her legs. (Yes, we even swapped cats).


30th June 2011

I am fascinated by this blog
As one of Skye's many friends and relations, and fellow traveler, I can't wait to read the next installment. Such a simple and attractive format, and written in such an informative and interesting way. Love the doppelgangers~
30th June 2011
Skye's ghost doppelgangers

lucky you!
You're lucky to have doppelgangers who can speak the local languages! That will help you make friends and have adventures.
30th June 2011

Hi Mary
Hi Mary, just responding to your comment! I will post tomorrow morning in Spain but it will probably be the middle of the night where u are. U are going to love what I talk about!

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