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December 29th 2012
Published: April 28th 2013
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A day at the Alcazar in Seville, Spain

From the journal of Nancy JP Lively dated 29/12/12

Excellent decision

One of the most amazing days of my life!

Yesterday we made a marvelous decision. We were at the Alcazar around 15:30 and decided to wait to see it today so we'd have more time since it closes at 17:00.Today we headed out at 9:45 to make the 10:00 opening but stopped at a church and got there between 10:30 and 10:45. We stayed until after 16:00. With Bill's passport as ID for our ages we were able to get in for only 2 Euros each. I spent that difference on a pictures of the grandest room in the Moorish palace.

Amazing architecture and art work

The carved surfaces and tiles all in Moorish style made me gasp with pleasure many times. I knew it was beautiful but never ever imagined this site was so amazing. As much as we were awed by the architecture, we were stunned by the size and variety of the gardens which are massive! We even enjoyed the display of newly donated fans of all sizes, kinds and places of origin. Those sorts of displays in ancient site usually leave me cold but these were really lovely, amazing fans.

Thoughtful visitors

It was very full of visitors yet quiet and with no feeling of being crowded. People were so respectful and silent in the wonderful rooms, so happy in the gardens. The early morning clouds and 36F temperatures gave way to sunny warm 16C or so temperatures Children played futbol with oranges. Families had picnics.

Snack time (and fun with a kitty)

We had a potato cake and two double expressos in an open air cafe complete with a kitty cat who gratefully shared crumbs from our plate.

Tapas on the plaza

Totally happy we headed out to the same tapas outdoor cafe as yesterday and had potatoes with rum sauce, prawns in garlic and goat cheese and a calamari paella with a blue bottle of water and olives on the side. Looked like rain but didn't. Waiters quickly moved all the tables and I thought it was because of the noisy chants down the streets. I asked "Hay problema? but the waiters said, "No, a celebration.' It proved to be chanting balloon carriers.

Didn't see the man who 'danced' as a lady and gentleman with his puppet. That is a very good act but hard, hot work.


Those were my reflections that got jotted down in my small journal which I take on trips. But there are pages more I could write about the Alcazar if I were so inclined. I would prefer to show you photos so you could get some idea of the beauty of this ancient Moorish splendor. What a pity the Moors got booted out of Spain. They were a people dedicated to beauty and loveliness and even a small bit of what is left of all they built here is enough to enchant anyone who takes the time to come and wander through the houses or gardens.

I fear the photos I can show you will be a disappointment to me since in no way could a small digital camera capture even a
Alcazar hedge Alcazar hedge Alcazar hedge

Seen through a gateway
100th of the beauty. The carvings are intricate and lacy, the tiles have so many shapes and colors! Indeed you must visit Seville!

In the gardens we wandered for at least 2 hours looking at so many flowers even in December. Summer must be even more colorful but winter was just fine. There seemed to be endless paths on which to wander with all kinds of trees and greens in addition to the flowers. Then there would be pools of water or fountains in different sort of hidden spots. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Moors tried to imagine and picture their ideas of Heaven in the things they included in their gardens with the most important being the play of water. Coming from dry, hot places water was imagined as totally heavenly.

We enjoyed watching families having picnics with their little children. We got some pictures of one family but it was hard to take photos of children who were running and playing and having a wonderful time. Just use your imagination of polite, happy people totally enjoying the most beautiful place they had even seen. Well,
Three carved archesThree carved archesThree carved arches

Glorious beauty
also imagine yourself there. Then GO!

I'm very sorry this site now makes it hard for you to see all the photos that come with a blog without paging down. But please don't miss the pictures below. Spend some time enjoying some of the sights in the Alcazar. Nancy

Additional photos below
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Seville Alcazar Seville Alcazar
Seville Alcazar

Every surface is lovely

28th April 2013

Thanks for sharing! I'm sure you're right about the inadequacy of the photos compared to being there in person, but still, the photos are great for those of us unlikely to see these things firsthand. It's so kind of you to take the time to share in situ. All the same, you're missed back home! Peace, Jeremy
28th April 2013

Beautiful, thanks for sharing Judy

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