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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville August 3rd 2023

Travelling back into Spain, although I bemoaned that Portugal did not say ‘hello’ when we drove in it certainly said goodbye and thank you for visiting! We’d loved our travels there. Seville was next on our agenda, we were rather dubious because of the heat, but it was less than 2 hours driving, and right on our route so we dived in. At times our travelling may seem glamourous with all the sights we are so fortunate to see, but travelling by camper is certainly tricky when visiting cities. We’d found a safe secure parking place with good bus access to the city...fab! downside was it was basically a warehouse. We were persuaded to camp inside due to severe heat, but boy was it hot in there! Not wanting to sit in a car park, we ... read more
Real Alcazar- Patio of the Maidens

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville May 16th 2023

Seville, yet another beautiful city on my trip through Spain. A quick train ride from Cordoba, Seville has the narrow streets, requisite cathedral, and bustling tourist service industry of the other areas, though has its own flavor as well. Flamenco appears to be what most people know of this area, well besides the biggest cathedral in the world and the fact that royalty can stay here at times in the Alcazar. I am about churches out, so even if I could get tickets (they are sold out), I'm not sure I could have gone inside and another tour through Catholic iconography, even though I've been very happy with my visits in the past. The streets are narrow and the everyday ornamentation is the area makes it fun to walk around. The orange trees are interwoven throughout ... read more
Serendipitous art work is the best
The seducer of Seville, Don Juan

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 27th 2022

We both slept in today, til after 8. At around 9:30, I went for a short walk to find a sports store, as I hadn't thought to bring workout wear, and wanted to get some exercise clothes. When I got back, we did an exercise video, had lunch and headed out. We had thought about renting kayaks, but thought we'd wander around first. We ended up just walking everywhere, by the time we headed back to the river it was already late afternoon, so decided to skip the kayaking. Some beautiful spots around the city, and we got to watch some women dancing flamenco at Plaza de España. On the way home, we stopped at a little cafe for tapas and a drink. We took a bit of down time, and then headed back out for ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 15th 2022

Its 5.30am and the alarm is buzzing annoyingly. Oh well at least its buzzing. I have had another disturbed night dreaming that we missed the plane because I couldn’t find anywhere to park our hire car? What! that was returned a week ago! We get up for a breakfast if our left overs…coco pops, choc au pain and orange juice! We are only 15 minutes walk from the bus station which has a very efficient airport bus. In fact all the Spanish buses have been very efficient. If only we could replicate this in the UK people just might start using public transport. Over the cobbles we go…we are again cursing the ‘never to see the light of day again’ suitcase that loves to jump all over the place. We have opted for the 7.50am bus ... read more
Crocodile Door
Clear skies over mountain lakes

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 14th 2022

Today us our last sightseeing day, we’re in the morning flight home tomorrow. We don’t get up early as we could not secure tickets for the cathedral until 11.20am. I expect it will be thronging but it can’t be helped! A leisurely breakfast in the kitchen where I meet a couple of Danish people who arrived last night. they also had difficulty working out how to gain access to the building…so it wasn’t just us then! they are on their way to Marbella (can’t think of anything worse?). We set off and find ourselves at the cathedral an hour early. Unlike the Alcazaba there are strict queues so there will be no sneaking in early. We go for a wander around the shady streets of the Santa Cruz area. Ian is amusing himself mocking the tour ... read more
Cathedral roof
City view
Tomb of Christopher Columbus

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 13th 2022

The alarm buzzes annoyingly and we both turn over. But this wont do, we have 9.30am tuckers to visit Seville Alcazaba and we have been told to arrive at least 20 minutes early to clear security and to make sure that we don’t miss our time slot…if the clock says a minute after 9.50am we will be denied access with no refund on our tickets! We shower and eat a hurried breakfast then its off through the relative cool of early morning on the route we have come to know quite well. Passing the Cathedral and the Archive of the Indies, we arrive at Lions Gate at precisely 9am. We are the first to arrive, closely followed by a Filipino gentleman and his two American friends. We have started a queue. Hmmm, looks like we didn’t ... read more
Plaza of Handmaidens
Alcazaba tile work
Pottery Art

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 12th 2022

Today is Christopher Columbus Day, a national holiday to celebrate the discovery of America. As a result nothing has been formally booked for today as it’s unclear what is and what isn’t going to be open. The kitchen is unusually busy today too. A French couple are at the table, suitcases at the ready…they must be leaving. Then an older German couple come to use the kettle. They are on their way to Cadiz with their son who is at Madrid University. We eat a quick breakfast then head off in the direction of the mushrooms. Despite the thirty degree forecast for today, it’s still feeling pleasantly cool outside today. We are heading for Santa Cruz, the Jewish quarter. Here we find interesting narrow wiggly streets full of architectural detail. By 10.30am the place is crawling ... read more
Carmen flees authorities through this passage (film)
Staircase - Indies Archive
Photo of Bullring - Indies Archive

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 11th 2022

I was having one of my sleepless nights last night - possibly due to having siesta’d too long yesterday. It was hot and muggy and then at 3am we had one humdinger of a thunder storm. Hopefully it will clear the air but more likely it will send the humidity soaring again. Plus we’re not terribly set up for downpour weather! Our plan today was to visit the Alcazaba but I’ve been a bit remiss in my planning and not pre-booked tickets. It looks like we may have to wait till Thursday as all the online tickets have gone. Wednesday is totally unpredictable because it’s a national holiday and every sightseeing place in the city is being suitably vague about whether they will or will not open…you’d think they’d know by now! I suspect they do ... read more
Bear pit in amphitheatre
Roman Road

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 10th 2022

It’s nice to have the luxury of a kitchen and we breakfast ‘at home’. Unfortunately the long life milk makes my coffee taste disgusting but it’s OK on the cereal. Note to get fresh milk on our way back today! We’re going on a general orientation tour of the city today so won’t be going inside the two major attractions: the Cathedral and the Alcazaba as we have five days here and we want plenty of time to appreciate them on their own. It rained early this morning so the streets are wet and it’s a pleasant temperature as we set off at 9.30am. Navigating our way through the narrow streets we make our way towards the river an iconic 19th century bridge, Puente de Triana. A little further on we find the Nao Victoria, an ... read more
Torre del Oro
Plaza de España

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 9th 2022

This morning we have time for a lie in. We don’t need to be at the bus station till gone noon. We check out at 11am, walk to the bus stop (literally two minutes) and our bus arrives precisely three minutes late. Not bad even so! There are even spare seats although Ian decides to stand in the luggage bay with our cases. The bus does an extra loop (because it is Sunday) so, after almost 10 minutes, we end up a few yards down the road from where we got on. It can’t be helped…it’s the one way system! Thirty five minutes and we are at the bus station. It’s noon so we eat a sandwich, use their facilities and buy a cold drink for the bus. We can drink but not eat on the ... read more

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