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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville January 11th 2020

I'm falling behind on writing these posts because the days are so full that I'm too tired at night to write. So a quick summary of our day touring Seville, which is fine also cause I didn't love it. We had a half day walking tour set up to see the Royal Alcazar, a place/fortress built in 10th century by Moors and rebuilt by Peter 1 and later others. It's a copy of the Alhambra built by 5000 workers. The thought running through my head was why did anyone need all this? Then we walked through what was oncevthe Jewish Quarter, home to 5000 Jews in the 1300's but is now called Barrio Santa Cruz or Holy Cross ( not so subtle a change) and heard the story of Jews who lived there so the religious ... read more
Checking out the gardens in the Alcazar
The people didn't have access to water to drink, but in the Alcazar water was used to cool the air.
In the Cathedral

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 9th 2019

A day for revisiting. Last day in Spain. The weather has been brilliant. Our feet have done the pavements big time. Sad to leave but look forward to Nice, which we know so well. Looking at a wee holiday in our holiday! The radio right now is playing "Everybody's dancing in the moonlight!" Since noting the abundance of trees we notice the birdlife too...not something you hear or see much of in Europe cities (except pigeons!).... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 8th 2019

Once again an early morning venture. Off to the 'Mushrooms'. Best view of Seville. Las Setas de la Encarnación (Incarnation's mushrooms) On the different levels are the Roman & Moorish Archeological site preserved underneath, a Mercado, event platform for preforming arts, conference centre & the viewing decks ontop of the Mushrooms. The parasols are 26m high. A 100 million euro exercise. A definite must do in Seville.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 7th 2019

Very early up to catch the early sunrise on the buildings. The Plaza de Espana was very quiet...but not for long. A walk through the huge gardens...teams of people working in tidy. Onto the Pavillion Mudéjar. Moorish influenced architecture. These buildings & gardens were built for the 1929 Expo here. Great to see the city decided to build in Spanish Mudéjar design instead of going way out contemporary. The traditional design techniques that are special to Spain have been preseved. Another Expo later in 1992 they did the complete opposite & they now appear abandoned....more of a business park all the same...just another building that went too far with new design. The gardens around the Expo centre is planted in Exotics only. Pleased we made the effort & got up early today. I especially enjoyed ... read more
Plaza de Espana
Tiles of the regions

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 6th 2019

Good sleep & headed out early....remembering how much hotter it is here than in Santa Maria. The Caterdal a bit quieter today & holding mass. We planned to go back to Plaza de Espana....however there were huge crowds of runners (thousands)...& of course we always head the other way no matter how intriging it might be. Everyone of them wearing pink t-shirts. Along the Quadalquivir, past the Tower Naval museum, the bullfighting ring, inland to Magdalena church, the metropol parasol, san Pedro (where once again it is quite clear where christianity has taken over the mosque dome). ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville » Triana September 29th 2019

Last day to look around Seville so over to the old town & came across a parade of the Madonna from the Caterina church.....I have seen these type of events on tv etc but to witness first hand was interesting. So emotional for the crowd they were in awe of the Statue....the band was so loud & the procession was so long. The crowd truely appeared to be blessed she had passed their way. We went on & came out at the Caterdal to find it was open & there were no tour groups... so of course we were in. Gothic in style it started as a Mosque & over time it grew & changed. 3rd largest Catherdral in the Christian world but the 1st largest Gothic temple in the world. We felt quite small.... Easy ... read more
An audience in awe
The band
Caterina Church

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville » Triana September 28th 2019

We had a bit of a day off today....& planned a short walk across the river to the Expo area. The sooner we get out the better the temperature...overnights of 16 which is perfect & before lunch is still in the early 20's. There is plenty of shade with trees everywhere. We just find it unusual the height of the day's temperature is between 4-7.30 pm. And so I learned that originally ancient Seville was actually an island given the nature of the Quadalquivir shape & it's silting up. The original core of the city, in the neighbourhood of the present-day street, Cuesta del Rosario, dates to the 8th century BC. Hard also to believe it having been a port 80km inland from the sea. The stroll across the river took us through the manicured gardens ... read more
Parliament gardens
Over the Quadalquivir
Expo centre

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville » Triana September 27th 2019

Triana established it's name for Spanish Ceramics. The clay soils of the Quadalquivir are a particulary good source for making pottery. Ceramic Tiles (azulejos) are just everywhere & the modern buildings use them as well. The Ceramics began here in the Islamic period then the Spanish-Muslim ceramists contributed the glazing techniques to architecture, in facades, sunrooms, baseboards & ceilings. Since then the Mudejar adopted oriental techniques that formed the basis of the local style. Then came the Mosaics & tiles usually hand painted with popular motifs. Eventually came an industrial process of wooden moulds. And being made in Triana the Plaza de Espana is covered in tiles too! And so today consisted of a walk to the incredible Plaza de Espana. Built in 1929. 50,000 sq metres, gates are open to the public free. Amazing!! The ... read more
Bridge at Plaza de Espana
Jewish Quarter
Pharmacy in Triana

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville September 26th 2019

Seeing as the top temperature for today was set for 33° we managed to get ourselves going by 9.30. There was a plan, however we just kept finding things & our direction kept changing. First to the lengthy promenade along the banks of the River Quadalquivir to Triana. Many single skull rowers practising on the water. We strolled under the trees past the expo centre (on the other side of the river) to the Triana Bridge. Captured by the sights across the river we decided to cross over & through the back streets, the food markets, & eventually crossed back over the river to the Park Jardines de Christina & onto the Seville Catadral. Then we just wandered & weaved our way back home. I had no preconceived views of Spain & I can say it ... read more
Roman City wall

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville » Triana September 25th 2019

Well! we were awake before our 3am wakeup alarm! Breakfast at 2.30am is sure to upset the Cicaydia rythyms. Even our Transfer ride was early. An uneventful transfer all the way to our apartment in Seville. Leaving Malta which isn't too far away from Sicily, we could see the top of Etna through the clouds on our way out. Then over the top of Africa to the South of Spain. We are in the Marcarena area of Savilla. We strolled for awhile through the old town of Marcarena & were finally able to book into our place in the afternoon. An amazing apartment of the 19th Centuary highly decorated with 19thCentuary tiles. We've got the huge ceiling fan going instead of aircondtionining...yae!!! Very organised city & reasonably quiet approach to life. A little supermarket on the ... read more

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