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July 6th 2016
Published: July 31st 2016
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Marbella...I even was close to live here some 20 years ago...

My first visit was with my parents...when I was 12. That was my first plane ride was that one....on Finnair from Luxembourg to Malaga...they give us nice reindeer for lunch, a first for me, and even some teenagers games....yes, that was the time, long time ago, when flying in Europe was still better than a bus ride!

Than came the middle of the 90's, and I made my way back to Marbella, working as a golf teacher for Club Med in March-April. I was at University! Trust me, in top Universities in Belgium, we do have lectures in March and April, but I was on my own at Club Med, and do get a top degree at the same time. it was a challenge, but more than 20 years after, I'm still happy to have to admit I did till my study books from 2am to 4am.....and back to the driving range teaching by 9am!

Back than it was all about partying big time...teaching a lot....and obviously, I even ended playing few courses around!

This time it's a little different...Marbella is a simple rest stop on our little adventure. They just opened a new Westin at La Quinta, one of the old ladies of the golf courses around. The hotel is a bargain, the staff is truly nice....and the room upgrade is more than half decent...but not a place I would dream about. We arrive late afternoon....and I jumped straight to the golf buggy. I didn't a ball for over a month, La Quinta is considered as tricky, or challenging, and I have only a half set with on for the challenge, and I shot a nice 81...always welcome....even for a former 5 handicap player!

The night was from for over! Little aperitif on the terrace and on to Puerto Banus....yes I know...if you know the place. The last few times I was there back in 1995, was each time between 2am and a slightly different atmosphere for the lovely grown-up couple that we are! I have to admit, it's a while also since I did appreciate places built only n the "cool" factor. We enjoyed a nice walk, and ended up in the back of Puerto Banus, with a nice drink and few tapas! Isn't it nice to be a grown up! Little cigar was also awaiting us on the way back to the room...and another short night for us!

The next morning, we drove to Jerez, but you've seen this blog already. On the way out, and way before any tourist, we stopped in Ronda for a walk around the city. I strat to have this something for gorgeous city before they wake up. We shoed in before 8am, the light was amazing...people were just waking up...and the walk around the city was wonderful.

Later on today, on our way to Granada, we would also stumble upon Olvera. I had never heard about that little city before. But while we drove by, we could not have not stop by this wonder. No tourists around either....and as if the local people had also disappeared with the heat of the summer. A ghost town but what a charming ghost town!

Next stop, Granada....for something sumptuous!

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