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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga November 24th 2020

November 5 Our ship docked at 9am, with easy access to the recently restored Old Town of Malaga. Malaga, we are told, is the main city of coastal Andalucia, along the Costa del Sol, and, like many of the towns we have encountered, retains a distinctly Spanish flavor, with twisting, narrow streets and a lovely waterfront promenade. Tall palm and plane trees, bougainvillea, aloes, and geraniums all made for views that said ‘tropical paradise’ alongside the clean, modern port. Picasso said of his birthplace, “to be a Cubist you have to have been born in Málaga” although I don’t see the reference, I’ll take his word for it. Malaga was a popular winter holiday site for the 19th-century wealthy. We were told that today Malaga is where the rich and famous hang out, although none were ... read more
Roman theater in Malaga
Hiking into the Alcazaba de Malaga
Dave and I are surrounded by myrtle hedges and flowers in the Alcazaba garden

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga January 21st 2020

Day 1. Mon 20 Jan Taxi came 10mins late at 7.40am, then hit unusually heavy traffic to airport so arrived at 8.20 (cost £19). No problem with bag check-in though and flight left on time at 10. 2.5 hour flight, seeing Cornwall from high up which looked good, and the snow-topped Pyrenees which looked fantastic. Sadly most of Northern and all of Southern Spain was shrouded in cloud, so didn’t see much until landing, which was quite exciting – zooming low over the Med to the airport. Eventually found the train station at Malaga but had some trouble connecting my phone (which used to automatically locate a signal, but now I had to do it manually – what is the world coming to?). Eventually texted John with my eta at Malaga Center and after the 12min ... read more
Gibralfaro from Alcazaba
Hedge at Alcazaba
John & View of Castle & Cathedral

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga November 5th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Nous sommes retournés à Malaga car il y a beaucoup de choses à voir. C'est un port de mer avec un beau phare et une promenade très agréable à marcher.Dans la ville il y a plusieurs bâtiments très anciens, de nombreuses rues piétonnières et une vue magnifique sur la Méditerranée. Il y a 2 forteresses: Gibralfaro et Alcazaban, une cathédrale, un amphithéatre romain, une arène pour les tauraux et le marché publique qui rassemble beaucoup de monde six jours par semaine! C'est une belle ville. Bonne visite à vous aussi. BYE de Carole & Gilles... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga June 26th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Je vais commencer par une note souriante. Si vous m'entendiez parler il ya, matière à rire. Mon espagnol, plus exactement mon catalan, d'il y a quelques décennies revient mais très lentement. Lorsque je suis obligé de m'exprimer en espagnol, je fais un mélange de langues. Passé l'expression mais un beau merdier. Lorsque le mot ne vient pas en espagnol, je bascule inconsciemment en anglais, et reviens à l'espagnol, mais ça passe plutôt bien. Bizarrement ce n'est pas le français qui vient à mon secours, dans ces cas là. Après coup j'en rigole tout seul. Dans l'ensemble beaucoup d'espagnols ont des bases de français, ou parlent anglais. Je suis quand même dans des coins touristiques. Gare avec le portuguais. 9h ce matin je traverse le pont romain de 247m qui traverse la rivière Guadalquivir, ... read more
le pont Romain
la cathédrale Cordou

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga December 2nd 2018

Away we go. Goodbye Europe and Hello Africa! The day started with more exploration of the city of Malaga, visiting the Pablo Picasso museum, and navigating our way to the airport. Goal for today: get from Malaga to Italy, Italy to Ethiopia, Ethiopia to Uganda. Airports are an interesting place to hang out and this trip has been great in experiencing the variation in the process. In Malaga, each airline had multiple check in counters, but you were sorted by flight. Meaning you could only check in for a flight when they wanted you to. So despite getting to the airport 2.5 hours early, we had 45 minutes before boarding. Italy’s airport was more like a Mall of America than an airport. Finally, Ethiopia‘s had a triple check-in. One to get into the departure terminal (which ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga November 28th 2018

Our journey to Malaga was very good. The Easy Jet flight time was under 3 hours from Newcastle and we were surprised at our progress at both airports through check in, security and passport control. Malaga airport is very big and spacious but when we arrived in the evening it was eerily quiet with few incoming flights and passengers. It was easy to find the Line A bus stop and we travelled into Malaga centre, the Parque del Paseo, for 3 Euros each. Then it was a short walk to our hotel Teatro Romano close to the Roman amphitheatre and at the foot of the magnificent Alcazaba. We celebrated our arrival with a vegetarian meal at El Vegetariono de Alcazabilla. Excellent food at reasonable prices. Next day we pottered around the Malaga streets then enjoyed a ... read more
Salomon Ben Gabriol poet and philosopher 1021
art on tiles
cathedral tower

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga November 24th 2018

We arrived today in Malaga, Spain and after a short hour taxi ride arrived at the only hotel reservations we had made prior to leaving on this trip. After 18 days of frequently switching residents and travel days, I am SO excited to stay put for a full week in a quiet oasis. I have so much thanks to my Aunt Terri for helping us out with these amazing accommodations. We are spending our week at the Marriot Playa Andaluza in Estepona where are room directly overlooks the Mediterranean. I am most excited for the following things (in order): We are going to have a full kitchen and are going to be able to cook our own meals. Despite my typical dislike for the process of coooking back home, having most of our recent meals be ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga April 4th 2018

A combined car and fashion museum was an unexpected highlight On the trip I made during Easter I stayed in Málaga the entire time and made day trips from there. I expected Malaga to be a pretty boring place because that is what rumours told me it was. I expected the town to hold little or nothing of interest to me. It turned out I was wrong. Malaga was far better than expected. Well, it didn't take much to reach "far better than expected" because my expectations didn't go beyond "bed to sleep in, food to eat and busses to other locations in Andalusia". But it turned out there were some interesting stuff in Málaga after all. Well, why don't you follow me through this blog entry and make up your own mind about this university ... read more
La Farola De Málaga
Museo Picasso Málaga
Museo Picasso Málaga

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga January 22nd 2018

Two weeks here now and we have settled into our little apartment which is just a 15 minute walk to the heart of Malaga. We are thoroughly enjoying experiencing the Spanish way of life and the many attractions of this very interesting city. It is in an ideal location to make side trips to other nearby cities by bus or train....Granada, Ronda, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz and Morocco are all on our to do list. We are really fortunate to have connected with my old rugby mate Stephen and his wife Christine. They hosted us at their place in nearby Coin and have already taken us on a couple of adventures with the promise of more to come. Here are some highlights of the past 2 weeks.... read more
Street pickup
Roman theatre/Moorish Alcazaba

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga January 9th 2018

To escape the miseries of winter at Sauble Beach this year we decided on the south of Spain in January and February then Italy in March. We did a combination of self booking (Air bnb) and had a knowledgeable agent help us with trains and tours in Italy. The first week was spent in Madrid with a day trip to Toledo; now we are in Malaga in a cosy apartment until the end of February. Here is the first installment of our latest adventure.... read more
Marlie makes a friend

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