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October 2nd 2021
Published: October 5th 2021
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Reflections at Nasrid PalaceReflections at Nasrid PalaceReflections at Nasrid Palace

Granada- Evening Tour

Food is everything we are. It's an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It's inseparable from those from the get-go.

Anthony Bourdain

The day started easy enough in Valencia. We hailed a taxi and headed toward the railway station. We claimed our Prius and slowly pulled away from the lovely city of Valencia and began to familiarize ourselves with the Spanish roadways. Honestly... we've been traveling for a fair number of years and are now absolutely amazed how people navigated before the joys of GPS... and we were those people! The Spanish countryside was dotted with mile after mile of lemon, lime and olive trees. We thought we'd share with you that we took the A-7, to the A-35, to the A-344 to A-31 and back to the A-7 to the A-92 and then to the GR-3102. LOL. We thought it would make you believe that the route was complex. The reality is the route numbers change a few times or the highways merge and we really only had to make about one roadway change during all of that.

One of the things we've learned through the years is that if you don't have to be in a hurry....don't. If you want to stop, do exactly that because there may be something memorable. On our drive
Granada overlookGranada overlookGranada overlook

Fine looking city
to Granada we stopped in a darling town called Velez-Rubio on a whim and had lunch. If you are driving this way we encourage you to stop at Martos Caffe. This appears to be just another small town in Spain, but we found a cute place for lunch. The food was absolutely wonderful between Dave's tender pork accompanied by a mushroom sauce. MJ was thrilled with her langoustine salad.

For those of you who have never been to Spain we've forgotten to mention that when you order a drink the restaurant or bar gives you a free tapas or small bite with each drink. We are thinking of introducing legislation in the U.S. to make this mandatory! Many of these tapas are a basic treat but some are pretty tasty and always welcome. It is always a surprise for us to wait and see what they bring. If you order a second beverage, there's a good chance you will get a different tapas.

A few years ago our friend Dale said that all of our blogs sound like things go well all the time. We must admit we have been fortunate most of the time and the bumps
Great saladGreat saladGreat salad

Martos Caffee in Velez-Rubio. Fantastic!
are so small we decide not to include them as they might be boring. This is indeed true. However, on this part of the voyage, we've had a couple of bumps on this section of our trip and are including them for Dale! doesn't always work out great.....but you get there.

Our plan was to quickly dump our luggage at our AirBnb, return the rental car and take off exploring. Just as we entered the outskirts of Granada, our GPS for whatever reason went on the fritz. Probably due to narrow streets and tall buildings. Not good if you are not in possession of a real map. We managed to get it working again, but by then had overshot our exit, so there was additional driving. As we approached our lodging, we needed to park the car and walk on pedistrian streets to the accomodation which was about two blocks away. We finally found a parking spot about 6 blocks away. We were not sure if it was an unrestricted space, so MJ stayed with the car while Dave found the AirBnb. Long, long story short, he found it down a narrow street. Our accommodations turned out to
Cathedral de GranadaCathedral de GranadaCathedral de Granada

Beautiful in and out
on a 4th story walk up without an elevator. We blame this on COVID as we are out of practice traveling and forgot to ask or check. No worries, we are still in shape enough for the luggage to get upstairs. Thank you Dave! Travel tip # 56.....always travel with someone who can schlep your luggage when necessary!

The owner's sister let us in and unfortunately for us could not speak a word of English. Now, we realize that we're in Spain and It is not her responsibility to know English, but a couple of words may have helped. Anyway.....Dave used google translator as the air conditioning was not working and it was a stinking hot day. After several phone calls to family members she was able to get the air on. Her tech skills with the remote for the air conditioner were less than her language skills. LOL. This took over an hour and meanwhile, Merry Jo is on the porch keeping an eye on our illegally parked rental car. Then we struggled with getting the internet up and running. We got this resolved and finally, all is well. When all was said and done, we had a
Stunning DetailStunning DetailStunning Detail

Cathedral de Granada has amazing detail
happy stay in a cute apartment with a nice porch over the back street.

As soon as all of that was sorted out, we took off for the Avis to return the car. We feared it would be closed but we made it in time!

Oh... did we forget to mention the streets of Granada are tiny and we are not especially good with the street signage. Pulling away from the apartment, Dave drove the wrong way on a one way street before we realized what we were doing- in our panic Dave turned quickly and drove on a pedistrian street for what seemed like a mile before we found a place to turn around. Yikes! The pedistrians could not hear us coming because we were in a Prius. Double yikes! The store owners popped out to help us turn around because we were nearing the policia station. They used a lot of arm motions in their excitement to assist. We finally found the road and off to the train station we went, happy to dump the car and get back on foot!

After all this, we were looking for some relaxation and an adult beverage. Our
Sea BassSea BassSea Bass

Mirador de Morayma
plan was to reconnect with Lynne Brown, a fellow Travel Blogger, who we met in Santa Rosa, California when she was traveling. Lynne is from the southern part of England. We met up at the Cathedral, which is an incredible edifice with some of the more ornate religious interiors we've seen. It was great to reconnect with Lynne. It's always grand to meet or see again a fellow Travel Blogger. Very exciting for everyone as there is so much to talk about! We enjoyed spending time in Granada with Lynne. We appreciate her taking the time to meet us.

One of the landmarks of Granada is the Alhambra. Anyone who visits here should take the time to see this monumental castle/fortress and learn the history of the kings who lived there and the many kings who were subsequently murdered there (mostly by their sons). It's an amazing place with all the Arab, Moorish and Catholic history you need. The gardens are quite nice and we highly recommend a night tour of the Nasrid Palace to truly appreciate the architecture.

After two days that included a rather hectic arrival and the grand tour of the Alhambra, there was only
Nasrid Palace CeilingNasrid Palace CeilingNasrid Palace Ceiling

Absolutely Stunning
one thing to do....visit the Arabian Baths at the Hammam Al Analus, where you will be treated exceptionally well. Bathing in the warm waters followed by an exfoliating body scrub and massage eases you back into a relaxed state of body and mind....just where you want to be.....

Granada provides a plethora of good food and we took advantage of it every chance we had. One of our more memorable meals was at the Palace Andaluz Almona, which was some of the better Moroccan food we've had outside of that wonderful country. Skewers of kabobs and lamb tangine really hit the spot. We also found a Michelin-starred place called Alameda, where we indulged in lamb chops and duck. The pate with carmalized goat cheese and green apples was simply divine. On our last night in Granada, we ate at the Mirador de Morayma, which provided exquisite cuisine and a view of the Alhambra. Ah....the delights of fine dining!

Granada is a city that is quite alive and thriving. Our stay there provided all that you could want in a medium Spanish city with great history. But time moves on and so do Ronda!

Grand ArchitectureGrand ArchitectureGrand Architecture

Cathedral de Granada
we stayed: AirBnb

Restaurants recommended: Martos Caffee in Velez-Rubio

The Alameda

Mirador de Morayma

Palace Andaluz Almona

Additional photos below
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Ornate BeautyOrnate Beauty
Ornate Beauty

Cathedral de Granada
Dave at the wheelDave at the wheel
Dave at the wheel

Who knew he would once again drive on pedestrian streets again!!
Tunnel in SpainTunnel in Spain
Tunnel in Spain

Driving "through" the mountains
Look out!!Look out!!
Look out!!

We always enjoy seeing road signs that differ from the ones in the U.S.
Gardens of AlhambraGardens of Alhambra
Gardens of Alhambra

Thanks for reading our blog.
Friend and fellow Travel Blogger LynneFriend and fellow Travel Blogger Lynne
Friend and fellow Travel Blogger Lynne

Always great to connect with a fellow Travel Blogger!!
Brutus is back!!Brutus is back!!
Brutus is back!!

And taking in a nice view of the Alcazar!

5th October 2021

Granada’s gifts
What a lovely visit you richly deserved after the challenging start! I’ve often been amazed at your “perfect” travels so now I know —-it isn’t always perfect ha ha! But the views and food certainly soothe body and soul.
5th October 2021

Granada’s gifts
Marsha the trips are not always perfect but we are fortunate to travel and don’t want to whine. This time was frustrating because of no air conditioning on a hot day. We were just about ready to tell them we were going to a hotel when she got it working. It ate up a lot of time. They should turn it on before guest arrive. Now Dave has driven the wrong way on one way streets in Italy and Spain. The rest of the time in Granada was great.
5th October 2021

Granada - under its’ spell.
Spain has a certain magic of its own, always best experienced on foot on delightful narrow streets such as those you experienced! You are braver than us: we are still confining our travel to the UK. Travel safely.
5th October 2021

Under its spell
Indeed the tiny streets were intended for walking. Brave or foolish here we are. I will say many Spaniards have been vaccinated and are wearing mask. It is good being out again.
5th October 2021

Parking in Granada ?
Yup, it's tough to get a parking spot. The city streets developed homogeneously over centuries for pedestrians and horses. The Alhambra is wonderful, the stonework, so ornate. My favourite city in Southern Spain is Cordoba, if you can fit in it's just sumptuous.
5th October 2021

We laugh at the streets that do allow cars to park as you have to be skilled to drive on them. We will hit Cordoba on our next trip.
6th October 2021

Brutus is back
Brutus is oh so lucky to be back on his travels again. Sydney is still in lockdown after, compared to the rest of the world, not that many Covid cases and deaths. SO we're desperate to get onto a plane once more even if it's only for an interstate visit. Great to hear about your adventures, see the gorgeous photos of places you've visited and food you've tasted which makes my mouth water! Cheers!!
6th October 2021

Brutus is back
You can imagine how wonderful it feels to be on the road again. We hope you can do some domestic and international travel very soon. Travel fills the soul. Thank you for reading and commenting.
7th October 2021

So happy you are enjoying your travels...
.... and glad you enjoyed Valencia. If you haven't already discovered the fixed-price lunch menu (and sometimes even in the evening), keep an eye out for them as they can often be half the price of the same dish/es from the main menu and usually have two, three or four dishes for the fixed price. They also often a glass of good local wine as part of the meal.
7th October 2021

Happy enjoying our travels
The fixed price menu’s are a good deal. We really enjoy the local wines. We’ve never been impressed with any of the Spanish wines that are imported to the U.S. so we’ve been pleasantly surprised.
8th October 2021

It is a nice and informative blog, thanks for sharing such wonderful and useful information with us.
It is a nice and informative blog, thanks for sharing such wonderful and useful information with us.
10th October 2021

The food looks amazing, especially that large chorros and melted chocolate. What a great city Granada is! And great you met up with your friend. What a great blog! The issues you encountered whilst travelling are what makes your adventure story, hopefully now you can look back and see the funny side.
11th October 2021

The foods have been wonderful. Yes, we will laugh about Dave driving on one ways and pedestrian streets. We hope cameras didn't see us as we'd hate to have a ticket waiting on us when we get home.
11th October 2021

Back to travel
Hello Dave and Merry Jo, you are so fortunate to be back to travel! Granada has been on my list for quite some time, we'd love to take a big road trip around Spain some day, though we'd have to watch out for those pedestrian roads you had an adventure on! I hope you continue to have safe and fulfilling travel experiences abroad, and get those jiggles out (as I often say to my children haha.) Hugs! -Jennifer
11th October 2021

Back to travel
We are having great fun and making memories-- especially on the pedestrian streets. LOL. We hope you get here soon as there is so much to see. Thanks for commenting. More blogs soon. We are currently in Portugal.
15th October 2021

Granada is grand
Thanks for even sharing the drive down the pedestrian street. The name of the hammam sounds suspect; were you surrounded by all men at that facility? lol
15th October 2021

Granada is Grand
The baths were both men and women. It was fantastic. We are having an adventure. Thanks for reading and commenting.
16th October 2021

Mas o menos
I think you are more like me, even if things aren't going so well you still see glass half full. At least a wine glass full. Oh and those free tapas, me and my friend Winnie got our fill in Granada. We could barely walk up the hill to the Alhambra. Then they'd hit us with an creamy ice cream on the way back down. I was mesmerized by the Moorish tile work and dream of a kitchen reno one day. Safe travels!
16th October 2021

Mas o menos
We will tell more stories along the way. They do make it more interesting. The hill to the Alhambra is no joke. Dave thinks we should get 3-1 steps on my fit bit. ... and I'd never try that right after eating! Ice cream can solve a lot of issues. Thanks for commenting.
29th October 2021

Beautiful Granada
Ah, I love Granada, I have many memories of the city. Sorry to hear of your troubled arrival, but I think you are right, it's a part of the travelling experience. I've had a few similar days on my travels too! I love the "precaucion" traffic sign! And more amazing food, I also like the tapas culture of Spain when you order a drink ?
29th October 2021

Beautiful Granada
Bumps along the way are all part of the travel experience..... plus its makes you wiser. The foods are a delight and I do enjoy the tapas. I wish that would catch on in the U.S.
9th November 2021
Night View of Alhambra

Tickets to Alhanmbra were sold out
A few years ago I went to Spain for a week. One of the places I then wanted to go to was Alhambra. But I then learned that I should have booked the tickets a month or so in advance. When I tried to book they were sold out. I didn't dare to go there and try my luck in the morning so I eventually decided not to go to Grenada at. But it is high on the agenda next time we go to Spain. Caminito del Rey is another place that I wanted to go to on that trip but where tickets were sold out when I showed up. That's also high on the agenda for next time we go to Spain. /Ake
10th November 2021
Night View of Alhambra

Alhambra sold out
It is one of those places you need to arrange for tickets in advance. Fortunately, right now not many people are traveling so you only have to book a few days in advance. We loved going to the Palace at night. Granada is a nice town.

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