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Europe » Slovenia July 27th 2007

So we have finally arrived in Slovenia. That's right, Alex and I (although I did all the driving) have gone by car from Dubrovnik all the way to Postojna, Slovenia. The drive along the coast of Croatia was very beautiful. We had the opportunity to stop in various random towns and cities and really see what the country is like. They have a very interesting culture and I have enjoyed learning about it. After a relaxing morning at the beach on Brac, Alex and I drove to Supetar to catch the ferry to Split. We spent a few hours wandering around split and seeing the famous Diocletian's Palace. However, we left after a while. We stayed in a really small town near Split last night. It was the basement of some old women. Someone we ... read more
Plitvice Lakes NP
Plitvice Lakes NP
Plitvice Lakes NP

Europe » Slovenia July 19th 2007

Ever since I first saw pictures of this little country I have wanted to pay a visit. But it looked so wonderful that I would have felt guilty going there alone. This funny characteristic explains why I have just spent three months travelling around West Africa when I actually really wanted to go to Ethiopia. Fortunately while pouring over the maps looking for somewhere less appealing to go to, my pal Dawn decided to come along. After the excesses of five days at EXIT Festival in Serbia a wholesome week of mountains, cool lakes and fresh air was just what we needed. Quite how wholesome Slovenia is came as a shock to us. Everyone is so fit and healthy. The lakes are full of people swimming, there are cyclists everywhere, we saw whole families jogging together, ... read more
Julian Alps
V. Jezero
Prehodavcih Hut

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Tolmin July 18th 2007

We left our campsite on the Soka River to travel to Lake Boheme, getting there was a treat , we drove onto a vehicle train that took us through various tunnels and through the mountain range it was really strange as we went through the tunnels still sitting in the van, but enjoy breakfast along the way. The journey took 40 mins to reach Lake Boheme. We were recommended a camp site on the lake side but it was pretty crammed in so we discovered another along a river. We set up and had our first dip in the river it was oh so cold, but so refreshing as it was a scorcha of a day. We stayed a couple of nights , one night we had the fresh trout caught by matt in the river ... read more
cool idea
load em up

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Tolmin July 16th 2007

Same old , Same Old for the Flying gang , misus John , who was up early for his Hike, and Alex , Antje, Jeff were moving on to Austria for flying ,as the conditons here were to stable for them, For the non flyers that means that that they are not able to stay up for long periods of time and usually flying consists of a "top to Botom". Glen the hiker decided transport up today was the go , no hiking today. Lyds chilled , bit of washing required to be done. Afterwards Waterfall bound , found a track down to one of the waterfalls , where you couls get yourself in the water and right up to the waterfall , a place to bring Matt to and try and get him to ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Tolmin July 15th 2007

The Gang of Flyers got ready for transport to arrive , altough Glen and Alex decided that they would hike up the mountain with their paragliders , brave men. Lyd got ready for the 3 hire hike , what a beautiful route , taking in the River , Waterfalls , Medows , Villages , and ruins with butterflys bouncing along the pathway by your feet, the heat pretty intense as well but a throughly rewarding walk. Matt again had a fly starting to enjoy again . We sucommed to a freshly made pancake round 5pm , Lyds opting for the same one , Matt going to the Meat and Veg one which got the tumbs up. Later that evening , Matt and I went on a litle walk to the River for a Cold soak ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Tolmin July 13th 2007

Welcome to Slovenia. We have a passenger with us today , Glen from Christchurch New Zealand, he was competing in the Chez open. Glen is travelling with us to Fly in Slovenia and meeting up with his friend in a couple of weeks in Switzerland. Slovenia is just beautiful , it is stunning were we are. The camp site is located on the river "soka " which comes down from the Alps the water is so clear and the most amazing aqua colour just stunning. We may also think we have landed on the set of "Dances with Wolves" and Kevin Coster at any minute is going to be riding up on his horse to take me away for a life in the mountains- see photo attached , but reality sucks its "JOHN" from Oxford ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana July 5th 2007

Ljubljana I have so much I want to say and I don't really know how to say it. I know we haven't know each other for very long, but it doesn't matter. It's not something I have to think about. I know when I am in love. My friends have told me that long distance relationships don't work, but they don't know what we have. I love the fact that you bring me tap water without my having to ask for it. I love the fact that you don't care that Florence is so popular. Your red roofs are just as nice. I think your modesty is sexy. I love the fact that you smile when I say your name wrong. I knew we were meant to be when your prix fix 3 course lunch ... read more

Europe » Slovenia July 5th 2007

This time I'm going to Ladakh, India... trekking trip for almost two weeks, total on trip just a bit more than 3 weeks... Probably this will be my last holliday before summer 2008, so it better be good... and this time next year, i will hopefully start on a prolonged trip RTW... So... in a few hours I have to wake up :( Packing too much longer than expected... 2 hours ago i still had a huge mess on my floor... So, for the next time I have to remember... I have to START packing earlier, not late in the evening before departure... I just wonder what have I forgotten... hopefully nothing important... What have I taken with me... (obviously for trekking purposes) - a backpack (obivously) - underwear for almost a week (tooo much, but ... read more
Package II
Map of India
Map of Ladakh / Leh surroundings

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 4th 2007

Ok, Lake Bled with Amy. Sleeping in… horrible way to start this venture, so I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the hostel and took off towards the buses. I actually got on the correct bus where she said she would be and headed towards the lakes on a rainy day in Slovenia. Although it was disgusting out, the scenery was fantastic, everything was insanely green, the fog peered in and out of the mountains along the road, and when the sun peeked through a rainbow seemed to appear every time. We got there around noon and headed towards the only hostel in the 6,000 person town of Bled. It was still raining and looked like it would never stop, so I took a nap in the hostel above a bar. Woke up around ... read more
Lake Bled
Lake Bled
Lake Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana July 3rd 2007

Rise and shine buttercup!! Say good bye to the dear friend Lindsey and take off deeper into the unknown, but first things first, let’s call the guapa Camille. She was excited to talk to me and as was I; even though it was 6am in Vienna and she was drunk in Missouri. Ok, onto the train station where I was unsure of my next destination. I had the options of stopping in Maribor or going straight to Ljubljana, the stop would have been a three to four hour delay and would have worked out just fine, but I decided against it. Therefore I jump track 14 and headed towards Ljubljana. This train ride is one of the most beautiful train trips I have ever taken, either way I took a nap. The good news is ... read more
Train ride
Dragon bridge
Ljubljana alley

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