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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana December 31st 2006

So Merry xmas and all that stuff to one and all. Xmas 2006 finds me in Slovenia with my girlfriend Marta. It is a beautiful country and I am very drawn to it. However, life normally finds me in Tavistock. On my outdoor leaders course with some of the finest misfits, rougues and sweet talkers the world ever did see. I am there to learn and make a change in my life and so are they. Granted not everyone cares for every person there. But I feel a deep respect for all those many personalities and I think it's fair to say we will all be influenced by one another. We all prefer good memories than bad. So I think we will all be sad when the course is done. Going on the course was a ... read more
Looking for holy inspiration
It's Cold
Julian Alps with Triglav Mountain in the background

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana December 12th 2006

Hey everyone, Just a few random photo's I thought I would share. Merry Christmas and all my love, Mel.... read more
Me on the bus..
Alex Luck

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana December 11th 2006

Ljubljana was so beautiful in the summer, but it is amazing in the winter! There are many more locals and students around and less of the annoying tourists. The city is decorated with amazingly bright blues and the streets are lined with street vendors selling their goods including delicious mulled wine and sausages. It is so festive I really wish that I could stay for a few more weeks. I have found some great new restaurants and a falafel joint called "Falafel" that is really amazing. I am heading to Greece on Thursday for a short but needed vacation, more pix to follow!... read more
Street in Front of the Hotel
Christmas Tree in the City Center
Mulled Wine

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana December 3rd 2006

Seasons Greeting everyone! Well, Christmas is nearly upon us, so I'm sure many of you back home are knee deep in reciepts and wrapping paper. Here in Ljubljana, while the commercial aspect of Christmas is slowly creeping in, I'm glad to say that Christmas here seems to be about something much different than over-wrapped yet pretty boxes under a plasic tree and a good self-stuffing of turkey with the fam. Tonight I went to the center square to watch the lighting of the downtown area with over 200 million christmas lights. Honorine, Elise and I arrived in an already packed center to see a choir of about 30 girls just setting up around the base of the statue of Preseren. We found out quickly that as well as the official beginning of the month-long Christmas festival ... read more
Main Square Tree and Church
Choir on Preseren Statue
Me and Hono!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana November 11th 2006

After getting on my early morning train from Budapest (basically hoped it was heading for Slovenia as no signs were on the train and no train people seemed to speak English), we travelled through what was mainly boring farmlands. This was almost to a tee until we hit Slovenia! Gorges formed and we were travelling by the strikingly blue/green, Sava River and it only got better as the sun began to set offering a pinky orange colour pervading over the mountains. Getting into Ljubljana, I headed to Celica Hostel, which is a converted prison and still has rooms that are cells, so effectively your living in the slammer. I got into my room, and almost at once an army of Australians also checked into this 12 bed dorm. Geelong, Adelaide, Perth, Tassie, they kept coming all ... read more
Train in the caves
Outisde the caves
Train in the caves

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana November 9th 2006

After four chilly days in Zagreb it was time to uproot again and head slightly more north to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. if you ever meet a Slovenian person A) there's a good chance they'll be young and very cool, and B) it's almost certain they'll undersell their country. all too often fame and beauty go hand in hand with indifference or offhandedness. Slovenia is a country of just 2 million people that gets 600kg of misdirected mail a year (where's Slovenia or Slovakia.. who knows??). it seems they've traded a bit of fame for a lot of funk and hospitality. There's mountains, lakes, coast, and at least in Ljubljana a lot of students and artists. We stayed with yet another Hospitality Club hookup, Miha, who had 7 years of didgeridoo under his belt and ... read more
.. yet old at the same time
Ljubljana & the alps, a potent mix

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana November 2nd 2006

... The title above is a quote by my beloved flatmate Maria. Its amazing the way our calm little house of women can sometimes explode into beautiful laughter when something like that gets said! I don't think I've talked much about my roommates, so here goes... There is my actual roommate, Ira. She is from the northern Slovenian town of Maribor, where she goes home to every weekend to work and spend time with her boyfriend and family. She is really a great roommate, and even brought us a little TV, although it doesn't get used much since there is ALWAYS something to talk about with all the women in this house! Ira is very beautiful, and always has great advice for me on the many things that have plagued my spirit here, from home-sickness to ... read more
Maria, Elise and Honorine

Europe » Slovenia October 25th 2006

Trying to get back to the EU (Slovenia) was a bit of a problem. There seemed to be only one bus per day to Ljubljana from that part of 6 am. It was my lucky day as that day the bus broke down. I had to take 3 local buses and instead of 3.5 hours it was now a 7 hour trip. At the border the officer was investigating my passport really carefully again. He kept asking me if I was really Jan. "Yes... yes... yes... YES!!!". "But you look so much like a Russian"... That's new. I had gotten used to people in Europe asking me if I was from Poland (I have been addressed in Polish all over Europe), but now I'm promoted/degraded to be a Russian. Eventually after he had checked all ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 23rd 2006

Ok everyone... Log out of your computer, get yourself to the airport, buy yourself (and all your friends) a ticket, and come to Slovenia. If you can't tell by the above, I'm (still) having the time of my life. Sunday, I went off for a hike on my own to a near-by village and lookout called Rasica. After losing myself in the numerously-pathed hills for over 2 hours, I met this really nice couple (Rok and Anita) from Ljubljana who showed me the way to the lookout tower and then took me a little ways further to a beautiful little village and animal farm. The lookout tower was AMAZING. After climbing to the top of the hill (not a hard climb, but still, a climb), and then climbing about 10 flights of stairs, I came to ... read more
View of Ljubljana below

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