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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled October 13th 2006

Today I headed North, making my way through some beautiful places in this amazing country. On the way I stopped in Kranj to meet some of my slovenian relatives for the first time. We couldnt understand eachother, as we spoke different languages, however, Matjaz and Barbara speak both Slovenian and English, so they became our personal translators for the day! I was then able to go and visit the house where my grandpa grew up, which was quite amazing...but apparently it has changed alot since he lived there! Later that day I made my way to Bled. It is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Lake Bled looks like it belongs in a fairytail. It is a big lake with clear water, with a small island in the middle, and a ... read more
My Grandpas Childhood House!
Beautiful Lake Bled!
Bled Castle!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 12th 2006

I arrived in Slovenia last night, and spent the day today exploring its beautiful capital,Ljubljana . The medievil style buildings, cobblestone pathways and of course, the castle, make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. It is such a peaceful city, especially compared to london. Tomorrow I am exploring more of slovenia, heading off to Bled, the Julian Alps, Bohinj and Bovec. ... read more
Overlookng the City from the Castle Tower!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 4th 2006

Fur Elise. My veins are still tingling from the excitement, from the enchantment of mingling with such culture. Like an estranged vulture it descended upon us, spawning into a jaw-popping, eye-dropping night of something too scerene to be called art, to extreme to be called culture. Like a dream we floated through the evening's mind, filling in as spectators for unconnected scenes. And the threads that guided us have provided more than a service, they have unnerved us to this city and proved our pre-clusions wrong, they have taught us to tighten our lips and listen, they have grown our hands together in a futile effort to repay those by whom we have been blessed. But we could never repay, not even if we were to sever our hands and give them away. For how ... read more
In concert
Faculty of Social Sciences
View from Smarna Gora

Europe » Slovenia October 2nd 2006

We’ve gabbled to many about assault on Mt Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. Here are pictures to prove it. What a trip. The summit is 2864m, and we’ll be honest - we only made it to 2500m to the Triglavski Dom (Dom means hut). It was a hard slog, and being Oz, we were not accustomed to the icy conditions, and thought better of being the first Aussies to perish at the summit. The views were sensational, and the Triglavski Dom wins the ‘best coffee’ category (there is some element of ‘relief’ here), and as I’ve mentioned, comes runner-up in the best sausage (Kransky sub-group). How do they do it? The walk down Mt Triglav (we came down a different way through the seven-lake valley) was equally spectacular although very long. 7am start and 7pm ... read more
Triglav ascent - Ian
Triglav ascent - Rowan
Twilight on Mt Triglav

Europe » Slovenia September 30th 2006

Hello all... The past few days have been just CRAZY... bocci, parties, going to Piran again, sort of getting things set up for school... It all started the day I got back from Italy. That day, me and my roommate Elise had a pretty relaxing little day walking around the city, finding a bike for her, and then walking around Tivoli Park. In the park, we came across a little sand court where a gathering of generally old(er) men had begun, and we saw two groups fully decked out in matching track suits with matching bags start to warm up for a rip-roaring game of... BOCCI!! hahaha... it was awesome. Me and Elise sat and watched them warm up and then play a couple games too. They were REALLY intense! It was like better than watching ... read more
Action shot!
Men watching Bocci intensely!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 28th 2006

So have just spent a lovely ten days with Marta in Slovenia. What a country. What people. Being such a small baby little place you would think there is nothing there. Actually I think many just pass straight through on their way to Austria, Italy or Croatia. This is good as I get to have it all to myself. Marta came to meet me at the train station at some ungodly hour of the morning. What a sweet thing she is. Albeit a rather tired thing also. We then went onto spend such a wonderful time together. Her friends are great, Slovenians come across as a little reserved and conservative to begin with but they soon loosen up and I found them to be probably the generous giving people I have ever met. But I jump ... read more
Julian Alps
Dolenska Region
1st day Slovenia

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 23rd 2006

So, after another tiny bout of homesickness that was quickly cured by all my good friends at Royal LePage (The best really do live there!), last night and today have been great. Nothing special really, but just feeling much more at home and settling in with some people that I hope will be good friends. Yesterday, I was walking towards downtown when I was asked "Do you speak English? We are looking for...." in an accent I immediately identified as French Canadian (or as these separatists might prefer, Quebecois! haha). After a quick chat, I had met Caroline and Yan from Quebec, and Caroline will be studying here in Ljubljana for the year. The world really is so small, and God is so great to have crossed our paths right then! As they were obviously brand ... read more
Pivo and Sunglasses

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 22nd 2006

One thing I definitly appreciate so much about Ljubljana is that I have yet to leave the house without hearing some sort of beautiful or strange music, either drifting from the speakers of one of the thousand coffee shops here (NONE of which are Starbucks! Strike one for monopolies! muah ha ha ha...), from a flute or violin or any other random instrument whose case is lying open on the ground with hundreds of Tolars thrown in, or from some sort of small band playing to ever increasing crouds in the street. I hear accordions from my balcony, and yesterday I walked out of my gate to hear a construction worker belting out a beautiful opera song... It really is just a city that is somehow filled with music, and generally GOOD music too. Every ... read more
Two guys who played a TON of Beatles covers
Simona's Hip Hop Group
Hip Hop Moves...

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 19th 2006

Hello all from Slovenia, No that is not part of France in case any of you are wondering. And its Slovenia, between Italy and Croatia, not Slovakia next to the Czech republic. Quite a small place really. So France and the walking is all done. Need time to digest but all in all it was a great experience and although my French is not good, probably not even average, I can understand a great deal and can even hold a basci conversation. I like to bring up the Zidane headbut as often as possible. Fortunately for the French I then point out that in next years Rugby world cup this will be almost legal and perhaps Zidane was getting his practice in early. The last few days on the Chemin were really difficult. Partly because I ... read more
Rather hot and sunny

Europe » Slovenia September 17th 2006

Very long travel day to Bled Slovenia from Pula via Rovinj and Ljubljana. Totally rooted by the end of it. Bled has beautiful vistas of the Julian Alps with a funky old castle built in 1004 and quaint church in the middle of the lake. Bit of a tourist town, which turns into an alpine resort in the winter. Managed to do a walk around the lake, and through the nearby Vintgar Gorge. Locals are very house-proud with flowers in every windowsill. If you didn't know it you'd think you were in Switzerland. Plans to go onto Lake Bohinj and do some outdoor activities (hikes, canyoning, whitewater rafting) in the Triglav National Park had to be scrapped due to seemingly endless crappy weather, which was a damn shame. Decided to pull up stumps and head back ... read more
Church of the Assumption
Bled Castle

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