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Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade April 30th 2019

Another country visited and discovered . We started in the north at a place called Novi Sad and it was a very pleasant stop .It,s claim to fame is a fortress that was designed and built in the 1300s (I think that is right) . It really was impressive .The fortress itself is built on a hill but they dug and reinforced tunnels sourounding it . A whole network of tunnels within Air vents , smoke exhaust holes , gun holes (?) for long guns , sink whole traps , the equivalent of dumb waiters to bring down food and other supplies . It was quite the design and required the labour of the 10000 soldiers who lived there to do the work .Above the tnnels and below the fortress they developed what they called the ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade October 1st 2018

Today, a full day of sightseeing in Belgrade. It’s not the most successful day. First, breakfast; a minefield of a buffet – bowls of nuts, cake with nuts, bread with nuts, pancakes with Nutella, there are nuts in the cereal, nuts in the salad, even nuts randomly strewn over the cheese and ham. Breakfast consists of sausage and eggs. Then we go sightseeing. Not to the National Museum – that’s closed on Mondays. Or the Tesla Museum – closed on Mondays. Or the Royal Compound – closed Monday to Friday. We attempt to visit the Blue Train. This is available for hire, but open to the public otherwise. We go to the central station where tickets are allegedly purchased. It has closed down. We try tourist information – it’s shut. We find another tourist information office. ... read more
Central Railway Station
Sveti Sava Cathedral
Sveti Sava Cathedral Crypt

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade September 30th 2018

Today we are going to the Serbian capital, Belgrade. Things I know about Belgrade; (1) it was the capital of Yugoslavia, (2) Tito is buried here – you can visit his mausoleum at the Museum of Yugoslavia and (3) you can visit Nikola Tesla’s remains in a gold casket in the Tesla Museum. First, breakfast. In Serbia, everyone smokes. All the time. Breakfast is no exception; it’s like being stuck in the 1980s. I half expect Michael J Fox to turn up in a DeLorean. We are offered the hotel’s signature breakfast - the waitress says it’s a bit of everything. She means meat. Lots and lots of meat – sausage, bacon, salami, 2 types of ham. Filled to the top with pig products, and smelling of a combination of stale cigarettes and strawberry shower gel, ... read more
Serbian breakfast
House of Flowers
Tito’s mausoleum

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 18th 2018

7-18-18 Wednesday. Belgrade, Serbia, former capital of Yugoslavia. We docked on the Sava River just off the Danube below the Belgrade Fortress, 400 feet above. Our bus tour of the city took us first to the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia, where in the House of Flowers lies the crypt of the dictator Tito along with artifacts from his rule. Tito was an enlightened despot who would not allow political opposition; was not under the control of Moscow; and as head of a non-aligned nation allowed the citizens contact with and travel to the West and allowed Westerners to visit Yugoslavia. He was beloved for providing a decent standard of living to his citizens with free health care, free education, full employment and affordable housing. But after his death the country slowly disintegrated into chaos ... read more
Simon & Tito
House of Flowers, Tito memorial, Belgrade
crypt, House of Flowers, Tito memorial, Belgrade

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade August 25th 2017

Back to Belgrade. I was here last year, but I was a bit under the weather, and I decided I wanted to come back to experience more of the Serbian culture. I had a very nice stay at a particular hostel (Hostel Bongo), and I wanted to personally come back and thank the Bongo girls for taking such good care of me. I had given each a fun little name that they just thought was something else. They were Dashing Daniella, Terrific Tamara, Irresistible Irena, and Sassy Sadja. I was not sure which ones would still be here, but they had emailed me a few times within the year just to say hello. Upon arrival I felt they were excited to see me as well, as my name was remembered (they called me Gorgeous Gary (go ... read more
Europe - 2017 598
Europe - 2017 605
Europe - 2017 613

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 10th 2017

July 10 Monday Tossed and turned all night due to the warmth of my room. My little USB port fan it's just not working. I called at 5:30 in the morning down to front desk to see if someone could come up and take a look at it. And that's just what he did, he looked at it and said it's normal. And they wouldn't change my room either. So I have got to find a fan. Breakfast was buffet with a huge amount of selections. But then again I'm so used of my American meals so I didn't eat too much again. They did have some sort of flaky pastry cheese cake that I liked a lot. We went past a few former homes of wealthy people from before Communist rule. Now they are office ... read more
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (2)
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (3)
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (4)

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 9th 2017

July 9 Sunday Woke up at 5 AM so I decided to get some work done before heading down to breakfast. We left the hotel at 8 o'clock in the morning. The tour director talked about the Hungarian language and alphabet, which originally was not using Latin script. He passed around a copy of the original Hungarian script which I thought was similar to ancient script of other countries. He even stated that the ancient Hungarian script was found in some places in North America. As we drove through the Austrian countryside heading toward the Bulgarian border, how many farms growing crops of wheat, corn, and sunflower. The wheat crop was in the process of being harvested. About an hour and a half along the highway we passed a military caravan of vehicles. The last one ... read more
Novotel Danube Budapest (2)
Novotel Danube Budapest (3)
Novotel Danube Budapest (4)

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade October 6th 2016

Right. I've got about ten minutes until we're back in session, might as well shuffle another one of these out the door. Let's see. Post South Africa I had to make my way north for the International Whaling Commission's meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia. Exactly what IWC is, and why on earth a whale related event was being showcased in a country with a coastline of about 40 kilometers is something we'll get to later. Or in the case of the latter issue, never. It still makes no sense to me. As a consequence of the frankly bizarre six hundred dollar ticket I had gotten, the trip meant landing in Belgrade by way of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and then re-routeing through the Balkans. Originally the idea had been to hang around Serbia the entire ... read more
Kalemegdan to scale.
"John Williams Music"
The Battle of Kosovo, AR edition.

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade » Vranic September 8th 2016

Day 229 Saturday 3rd September 2016 – Budapest to Belgrade No great rush today as we didn’t need to leave the hotel till 10.30, and we were able to have breakfast, pack and even watch some TV before leaving. As we were getting ready there was this sudden crescendo of classical music and we suddenly thought that our life had a sound track till we realised there was an orchestra in the park putting on a free concert. As we were leaving the hotel the music had stopped but there was a Punch and Judy show going on for the kids, a nice way to leave Budapest with a bit of puppetry violence. Taking the Budapest Metro out to the train station was not a problem at all, even changing trains wasn’t a hassle. ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade August 26th 2016

I arrive after taking an overnight train from Budapest. I must say the ride was an experience. I was in a sleeper cabin, and one of my roommates was Serbian. He was a nice guy full of Serbian pride. We had a fun time trying to communicate, as he could not speak much English, and I could speak no Serbian. The train was a bit run down, but this was okay. I could tell when we were getting close to Belgrade, for this area was war torn. You could just see some of the devastation and the lasting effects of war. We arrive in Belgrade and exit the train. I now have to find out where to go. My directions were a little sketchy. One of my other roommates was a Japanese young lady, and she ... read more
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