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Europe » Russia » Centre » Suzdal August 27th 2015

Europe » Russia » Centre » Kostroma August 27th 2015

Europe » Russia » Centre » Sergiyev Posad August 27th 2015

Europe » Russia » Centre » Rostov August 27th 2015

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg August 27th 2015

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 27th 2015

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Lake Baikal August 22nd 2015

Ah, a whole other story! Jana, my wonderful guide....nothing like having an organised tour booked and finding you're the only it! First the ferry to the station, then onto the train. Number 9 I think. Lake Baikal is BIG, and deep, the deepest, oldest freshwater lake ever, surrounded by big mountains, 359 rivers run into it and only 1 out. It holds 20% of the worlds fresh water! No time for a photo but I did spot a couple of the famous and elusive Baikal Seals, unreal. And a couple of rare Siberian Red Ducks, on the red list, I reckon ready for dinner, rare! It's a bit hazy, they've had some big bushfires so it's only when we get close to the sharp end of the lake we can see the distant peaks of ... read more
Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk August 21st 2015

Quick, write something.....I heard him say. 6 hours to kill at the beautifully archaic, baroque-ish, multi faceted Yaroslavsky railway station Luckily there's a bar across the street....although somewhat the way that everything in Russia is 'somewhat odd' gotta try and put my finger on it... And, I thought it odd, there's not a map to be bought within 1,500 metres of this major railway station, now here's a business idea...... The God of travelling companions is smiling on me again! Finally onboard and meet my rolling railway roommate, a 55 yo Russian doctor, he tells me his name is Vova , short for Vladimir! A neurologist, he works in Moscow and every 3 months makes this trip to somewhere east of Irkutsk to a regional hospital. He takes the train because he has a big ... read more

Europe » Russia August 19th 2015

La deuxième partie, celle nous menant d’Irkoutsk à Vladivostok est un peu différente, notamment du fait des passagers. Les soldats qui occupaient la majorité du wagon ont fait place à différents groupes de personnes : ici un couple, là trois amis, un peu plus loin une femme avec deux enfants, tout au fond toute une petite famille. Selon les box, les gens -qui ne se connaissent pas- socialisent par la force des choses, à des degrés différents : échange poli de sourires pour laisser passer l’autre qui va aux toilettes, début timide de discussion qui se poursuit ou non selon les affinités, apéro musclé ou parties cartes acharnée ; c’est en tout cas nettement plus vivant que le Moscou-Irkoutsk. Lors de ce premier trajet, je me rends compte que les soldats faisaient de fait régner la ... read more
Septieme et dernier jour de train
Vue depuis le transsibérien
Do svidanya Rossiya

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 14th 2015

First impression........ incomprehension......nothing is understandable, Cyrillic script is doing me in. This is hard. But, I've done this before, I think. A double shot espresso, shot of voddy and I'm off to face the Metro. It is a fantastic system. Fast!.......the old and new trains hurtle through the dark tunnels, I never wait more than 1 minute on any platform for a train. 196 stations, 237kms, 74m deep at can google the details, it's huge! Some of the stations are like art galleries, incredible murals, statues, gigantic chandeliers, stained glass panels, surfaces of wood, ceramics, mosaics, slate, steel, bronze, marble, plaster. And it's all spotlessly clean, the trains too. I've not seen more than a couple of cleaners in the whole city but it's all really clean....and everyone is very conscientious about binning their litter! ... read more
Good Metro
The entrance to Red Square
Red Pano Square

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