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Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 7th 2011

Actually im Living in the coldest citiy in the world, Its called Yakutsk and i've been here for Around 4 Months, i came here on February 28th, and im leaving back to Colombia on November 28th.... read more
Photo 3
Photo 5

Europe » Russia » Far East » Sakhalin » Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk June 14th 2011

Another experience May 24th the plane left Schiphol airport to fly via Seoul (South Korea) to Yuzhno Sakhalin Airport where the plane touched ground at 17.00 May 25th. The same day we went directly to the office and meet the project team. After a brief introduction and arranging our safety gear we all went to the GaraGara hotel and signed in. On the ground floor of the hotel was a Karaoke bar with good sushi. The next day at 7.00 the breakfast was ready and 7.30 most of the project team went walking trough a park to the office, this was a nice walk of about 10 minutes. The week before there was still lots of snow and now plants start popping up from the ground and growing so fast you could hear it. The port ... read more
First ice
vieuw from my room
me on the aft deck

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk April 18th 2011

Hi, I am looking for a Travel Buddy with plenty of time on your hands. Want to do the Train Trip from London to Saigon stopping at numerous still to be decided locations. Expect to take at least 6 weeks minimum to do the trip. It would be great if you could speak Russian or Chinese and English. I am 64 years young and can still mix it with the best of them. Hope to go late 2011 or early 2012. If you are at all interested please contact me and chat. I am open to changes in my plan. I usually travel and stay in mid-level accommodation and have lots of experience staying in Hostels and Backpackers. Regards, Peter... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka April 11th 2011

My time in Anavgay began naked, outdoors, in -20°C. Readers, please don't get excited: no photos were taken, since in that situation the last thing one thinks about is fiddling around with a camera. But how did I find myself in such circumstances at night in a wooden-shack indigenous village, population 600, in the middle of the Kamchatkan wilderness, one might ask? Good question. We had arrived here, at the end of the road north, with lorry drivers who still had thirty six hours to drive along frozen river surfaces to the isolated town of Palana. Having stepped out of the lorries and quickly realising that sleeping in the tent was a very undesirable option, we stopped the first passer-by we saw, a girl in her late teens, and dropped the one name we could: Nikolai ... read more
Egor scanning the mountains, somewhere vaguely near Anavgay, Kamchatka
Scenery when crossing the mountain pass, vaguely near Anavgay, Kamchatka
Egor on a snowmobile, Kamchatka

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka April 8th 2011

Considering the title of this blog, the fact that the crust rupture in question erupts spectacularly every year or two and not forgetting the other potential attractions in the area, such as pretty much guaranteed sightings of the Kamchatka Brown Bear (in summer), one might expect the nearby town of Klyuchi to have some sort of infrastructure, or at least be easily accessible. Not so. Its snow-buried sprawl of wooden shacks lies 600km of dirt road north of Kamchatka's capital and is located in one of the Far East's many closed areas, places where no one, Russian or otherwise, is allowed to go unless they live there or have obtained a temporary permit. Which is why, at 9am on a Monday morning, I found myself hanging around by the roadside just out of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, with Kostya. ... read more
Scenery on the way from Elisovo to Milkovo
Scenery on the road just outside of Elisovo
The extremely cheery and maybe drunk lorry driver who picked us up in Elisovo

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka April 3rd 2011

Eight time zones and half the world away from Moscow, Russia's Kamchatka peninsula dangles into the Northern Pacific like the straggling tail of a large beast on the run. Despite its wealth in gold and oil, despite the deep-pocketed tourists who shell out $2000 an hour on helicopter rides over its 300 active volcanoes and pay thousands more to hunt the bears, lynxes and wolverines that infest its endless mountain ranges and forests, the corrupt officials who run this easternmost province have ensured that it remains the most woefully godforsaken of all the far flung Russian regions I have visited. "Get out of our capital, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, as soon as you can," a local vulcanologist called Ilya, who I had been in contact with through Couchsurfing, told me before I arrived. "It's one of the most disgusting ... read more
Sunset, Avacha Bay, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Boats on Avacha Bay, evening, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Market, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Europe » Russia » Far East March 12th 2011

After navigating the metro and asking more guards for help we were finally aboard the transiberian rail. Our home for the next four days. Cabins were rather small and my mum was alarmed we were sharing with two older gentlemen. Both turned out to be very nice though and one im particular made real effort and tried iis english on us. Bit of scary journey to dining cart but seems it is only other place to sit other than your small cabin. Day two some other foreigners joined the train, turned out they were danish. Both our cabin friends departed on day two where we then had an older couple with us for following two nights. Couple were nice enough and again made effort to try communicate. Woke up on day three to a grown man ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East March 12th 2011

Finally got off train today in irkutsk in russian siberia, as I wrote previously on wrong day oops. Had shower at hostel, was desperate for one after washing over a sink for four days!. Then we went out exploring for food and an adapter. Russians here not as friendly it appears as moscow and on train, bar one guy who phoned our lift for us when noone there to pick us up from station. Getting on tram was easy enough but they were not very patient at all as we worked out how to pay! We were then barged past on number of occasions and one taxi driver even reversed back into my leg despite fact there were lots of people behind his taxi and he would clearly hit someone. Found a fast food place for ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East March 7th 2011

Another disturbed sleep with boys and girls running between dorms screaming. Earplugs helped to dull out sound slightly but not enough. Lazy morning before setting off to red square again. Went and saw cathedral of saints, just past pushkins art gallery. Then had walk up main tourist street. My cryllic map reading skills are actually quite good! (although my mum still insists on asking others for directions). We stopped for a wee snack today, one drink and pancakes cost 6 pound! Tried to find wall of peace but eventually had to give up. Had a wee stop at supermarket for pasta sauce (four pounds) and marvelled at unreal prices here. £10 for a box of special k or jar of honey or for bargain price of £8 you could get a box of frosties! Had dinner ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka October 10th 2010

kamchatka petropavlosk, russia We arrived in Kamchatka after a fuel stop in Anchorage on 10/3 after crossing the international date line and loosing a day. This is erraneously referred often as Siberia but only constitutes part of the peninsula. It has more than 160 volcanoes , 29 of them active which create more than 20 climate zones. I only experienced the cold ones there. The harbour of Petropavlosk does not freeze over in winter making it an ideal military post now and in the past/ WW2. We ate lots of fabulous salmon - although I heard some complaints after the 4 th meal. Overall, an experience but not something I want to come back to. ... read more
kamchatka harbour
fishing gear 1840s

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