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Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok April 16th 2021

In countries other than the U.S., making a decision between taking the plane or train is worth a cost comparison. While we do not have that luxury here, a quick review of some other countries reveal some good cost comparisons. Most of us know about the great deal in Europe, the Eurail pass. I bought my first one back in the Seventies. Then a few decades passed before I bought a four country pass: Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Slovakia. I may buy another for an upcoming trip in October, that will include: Poland, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, and perhaps Greece. Only a few of you will remember the old Pan Am world pass. The version I am familiar with allowed unlimited travel on their network for two weeks!! I used a mini version of this ... read more
train prices

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok July 3rd 2020

Russia has eleven time zones, and I crossed EIGHT of them on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The time difference between Vladivostok, where I boarded the TSR, and Moscow is SEVEN hours. It is a mere 6152 miles from Vladivostok to Moscow, and I rode every single one of those miles or kilometers. It is normally a six- or seven-day trip, depending on the schedule. So, the problem is quite simple. The train runs on Moscow time, but we tend to eat and sleep, based on local time. My solution was to carry or wear two watches. But I still had problems, as I will share below. Speaking of times zones, why do we have them? Time zones are a relatively modern invention. J. Griggs from Travel Trivia: Just like the more recent advent of the internet, time ... read more
How many time zones??
Starting the TSR in Vladivostok

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok June 3rd 2020

Many of you ask how I travel, mostly solo these days. Sheri and Mike seem to mastered the couch potato movement in all of its pandemic glory. But for me, I would rather go, like Eddie Aikau, only I translate it to "Gerry would go." Many of you ask about how I go about making these trips. Some are set in stone before I go, some are done "on the fly" when visiting new and unknown places. And some are combinations, with only a round trip flight sandwiching the lack of a set itinerary. As I have gotten older, hopefully, aged somewhat gracefully, the great unknown has become more challenging. I don't seem to have the stamina for more than three weeks on the road. And I do not pack as much into each day as ... read more
Alone at St. Basil's
With Mr. Willie at Ngorongoro

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok May 4th 2020

What do we really know about US time zones? When you run a railroad, you need to maintain a schedule, and that works a whole lot better when everyone agrees on what time it is — including stations in far-flung locations and, crucially, other railroad companies that are making schedules for trains on the same tracks you're using. That's why railroads led the charge when Britain got its towns and cities on the same clock by the 1840s, and it's why the same thing happened in the United States about 40 years later. U.S. railroads got together in the 1880s and came up with a plan to divide the country into time zones and synchronize official clocks according to those divisions. The plan created the Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones that we still ... read more
Eleven Time zones
How many clocks?

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok September 7th 2019

8-21-2019 At sea Hom nay tau di tren Sea of Japan de den Vladivostok, Russia. 8-22-2019 Vladivostok, Russia 60F Day la thanh pho cua Nga va duoc thanh lap nam 1860 co 604,000 nguoi song tai day, cach Moscow 9,000km. La The Easternmost Russian City. La thu do cua Primorsky rai, Russia. Cach bien gioi cua North Korea va China khong xa khoang 515 km va cach Japan khoang 775km. Thanh pho nay co sea Port lon nhat Russia Pacific coast. Truoc kia vung dat nay la cua China duoi thoi Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing…truoc khi thuoc ve Nhat do hiep uoc Beijing Treaty nam 1860 duoi thoi Qing China. Khi tau thua tran chien Bach Phien Opium war voi Anh roi thi Tau khong the giu Vladivostok ma luc do ten la Haishenwai va ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok September 7th 2019

8-24-2019 Korsakov, Sakhalin Island, Russia 61F Korsakov la thu do cua Korsakovsky District. Nam phia Nam cuoi cung cua dao Sakhalin. Co 33,000 dan song o day. Sakhalin la dao lon nhat nuoc Nga co 500,000 dan mat do la 8 nguoi/km2. Sakhalin la noi tranh chap lau dai giua Nga va Nhat vi o day co nhieu dau lua. Co nhieu bo lac song tren dao nay. Vao the ky 17th ca Nga va Nhat muon chiem dao nay de roi dao nay duoc chia lam 2, phia Bac thuoc Nga phia Nam thuoc Nhat, Truoc do, Tu nam 1790 vung nay thuoc Nga chiem dong. Den chien tranh Russo-Japanese War nam 1904, 1905 trong tran chien Korsakov nam 1904 va 1905 Nhat chiem toan dao Sakhalin trong do ca vung Korsakov nam phia Nam ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East June 18th 2019

Heute geht es erst einmal von Magadan nach Anadyr, kurz vor der Beringstraße, der letzte Stopp in Russland. Hier sollte eigentlich übernachtet werden, aber aufgrund von Genehmigungsproblemen, ich hatte das bereits erwähnt, machen wir dort nur einen Tankstopp und dann geht es gleich weiter über die Behringstraße nach Alaska. Die etwas spannende US-Einreiseprozedur (Stichwort eAPIS) wollten wir ursprünglich in Nome (PAOM) erledigen, aber das schaffen wir nicht bis Dienstschluss der Behörden. Also disponieren wir um und plannen unsere Einreise in Anchorage (PANC). Es wird ein Nachtflug werden. Landezeit in Anchorage 1:15, also eine gute Stunde nach Mitternacht.... read more
Ostzipfel Russlands

Europe » Russia » Far East June 17th 2019

Nach 3:15 Flugzeit mit ordentlich Gegenwind sind wir in Magadan (UHMM) angekommen. Leider mussten wir eine Crew (D-ITWL) wegen technischer Probleme mit der Druckkabine in Yakutsk zurücklassen. Sehr schade. Wir drücken die Daumen, dass die Probleme schnell gelöst werden können. In Yakutsk hatten wir noch 24 Grad mit praller Sonne, hier nur noch 7 Grad bei Dauerregen. Sehr ungemütlich; passt aber auch irgendwie zur Zentrale von Stalins Gulag-Systems. Der Anflug auf das ILS10 war richtig in IMC, aber kein Problem. Alles hat bestens funktioniert. Ein Shuttlebus bringt uns in die ca. 40km entfernte Stadt Magadan. Die Umgebung sieht eher trübe aus, passend zum Wetter. Die Hügel sind in Wolken, teilweise noch Reste von Schnee. Man sieht einige unbewohnte Häuser und vieles ziemlich heruntergekommen. Die Region hat nach dem Zusammenbruch der Sowietunion einen erheblichen Bevölkerungss... read more
Kanadischer Weltumrunder hat Probleme
Tankung Jet-A1 (Kerosin)
Das Hotel am Airport

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok January 9th 2018

As of today, January 2, 2018, forty of our fifty states are under a severe weather warning. Here are a few cold places I have visited: Vladivostok is in url=’s Far East, near the country’s border with China. Average January temperatures reach url= read more
Poor puppies!
Ice bath?
Cold bike ride, or just crazy?

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok March 12th 2017

Дoбpый дeнь (Dobri dyen) Good day. Education is light. The lack of it is darkness. Russian Proverb. The Provodnitsa (attendant) is the boss. She’ll ensure that all will be well and that all will comply. Resistance is futile. She must be obeyed… Our favourite Provodnitsa was during our first-class train trip from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok. She was our travel mom, our carriage attendant, she checked on us, gave us food and towels. She even told Theresa to get her shoes off the bed, keeping with the standards of first class travel and first class riders. Behave or be disciplined. And never stare her in the eyes! Riding first class is the way to go. We had our own comfortable cabin for our train rides as we trundled across Siberia. Many an hour was spent looking out ... read more
Big guns
Decemberists Museum
Crumbling sidewalks

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