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Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 7th 2012

The airport in Petropavlsk has got to be one of the most scenic airports in the world to fly in to. When flying in from Moscow as you descend through the clouds, a gorgeous panorama of green hills opens in front of you. Mix in the ocean and a scattering of dacha houses and Kamchatka takes your breath away from the moment you land. The airport itself is located in Yelizovo and is probably the smallest airport I had seen at that point in my life. A small landing strip and a welcome sign greets you as you walk along the runway to exit the airport. The baggage is delivered in a small room, a bit bigger than my grandparents living area back home. As you leave don't forget to look behind you, as a magestic ... read more
Sun sets over Petropavlvsk
Yelizovo welcomes you
Mum is welcomed by the airport

Europe » Russia » Far East » Khabarovsk July 6th 2012

The Trans Siberian railway deserves a blog of it's very own. Our first experience was the overnight journey from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk. We had already collected our tickets the day before so knew the layout of the railwaystation but waited in the central seating area for the number of our platform to be displayed and number 1 duly came up.Luckily this was only down one flight of stairs and through the doors so was relatively easy.We located our carriage,number 12,and the provodnitsa (attendant) who was a bit bemused by our e-ticket but let us on so we boarded our first Trans Siberian train at 7pm.The locals have to show their passports to board the trains but so far we have not had to,maybe we're not quite blending in with the locals yet. We found our four ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok July 6th 2012

'After a 3 hour flight we were last ones off the plane as Steph had to see the end of the film she had been watching, much to the annoyance of the rest of the passengers on the flight who were waiting on a bus. The bus then turn right and drove all of 50m to the terminal before we headed into the free for all of immigration (only 2 lines open). Other than that we made it into Russia without any problem. Fortunately we had arranged a transfer into the city, as its quite a way from the airport, and after settling into our hotel, had a look round Russia. At this point, the absurdity of what we were about to do started to hit, as we struggled to find a restaurant in the rain ... read more
Torpedo room in S56 Sub
Don't be bad kids ....
Us at the Eagles Nest lookout

Europe » Russia » Far East » Khabarovsk July 6th 2012

Khabarovsk was very hot and humid - 31degrees apparently. We found it to be a really attractive city centre, and enjoyed walking down by the river, which was more like being at the seaside. Cant imagine it with the river so frozen that cars can drive on it. We explored the Museum of Regional Studies to get out of the heat (meeting our new Aussie friends along the way). Unfortuantely hardly any English descriptions, but it varies from stuffed local animals, through local tribal history, to general russian history and household items. Not much else to see or do, but still worth an overnight stop. We stocked up on food for the train journey and as a noisy thunderstorm broke we again strugled for a bit to find somewhere to eat, before ending up in a ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok August 29th 2011

Coming back from Kamchatka I spent another night in Khabarovsk before catching the train the next evening to Vladivostok. I used the day to update my blog and catch up on some things on the internet – scary how used we got to the internet, 2 weeks without it and you can spend a whole day catching up on the most important things… After an unspectacular overnight train ride, I got off at my final destination: Vladivostok! I cannot really describe what I felt in that moment – something between extreme satisfaction, happiness and surrealism. For so long I was dreaming of doing this trip, getting off the train in Vladivostok I realized: I made it, I actually did :) I took the obligatory picture of the final mark of the Trans-Siberian: Moscow – Vladivostok 9288km. ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 15
Photo 25

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka August 26th 2011

Ira dropped me off at the airport before going to work – consequently I was there well in advance. In some way it was a good thing – given that not many people use online check-in I actually got a window seat :) I went through the security check and sat down in the waiting area listening to music and observing people. Khabarovsk airport has four gates – so there are probably like four ladies doing the boarding for all the flights. The most important skill in that position is probably to have a loud voice – the ladies are actually walking and screaming through the whole waiting area “last passengers to Moscow, flight 1234, please board at gate 3’’ after they announced the last call for this flight at least half an hour ago :) ... read more
Photo 18
Photo 22
Photo 31

Europe » Russia » Far East » Khabarovsk August 25th 2011

Almost until the last minute I was standing on the track talking to Aliki before jumping on the train to Khabarovsk. I boarded the train, as usual the train attendant passed by to take the copy of your ticket, but for some reason everyone except for me already got their linen beforehand – I thought maybe it’s because I was standing outside for so long. Turned out , even for the train attendant a foreigner was something special – I asked him for the linen, he told me he’d bring it… after waiting like 1h I decided to pass by his ‘’office’’ – he started asking me all the typical “OMG a foreigner” questions :) After some 15min I got my linen and free chocolate on top of that ;) I made my ‘’bed’’ – lay ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 9
Photo 8

Europe » Russia » Far East August 10th 2011

Chita – Blagoveshchensk was my longest train ride in Russia, 37 hours, 2 nights, 1 day to the Russian Far East that kind of indicates already that it’s far away, but it didn’t occur to me that I am actually gonna be on the same degree of longitude as the center of Australia!. The train ride however was also the most boring one so far, nobody felt like talking; everyone just minded their own business. That gave me time to catch up on some blog writing and for once I actually took pictures of the nature passing by outside the train window :) At 7am I got picked up by Natalia at the train station. Natalia is a business woman as so many women in Russia nowadays. She rents apartments in the long-term and lets them ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 8
Photo 9

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 8th 2011

This was the celebration of the "Victory Day" here in the coldest citiy of the world, Yakutsk , in the republic of SAJA-YAKUTIA in the Russian Far East. Actually i enjoyed a lot this day, was a fantastic Parade, with a lot of people, and the integration of the Russian and Yakutian Cultures, it was simply AMAZING. The parade took place in the City's Victory Square with a small Military demonstration, Victory Music, and Veterans of the WWII everywhere. Then i walked around and found a very interesting, Typical Yakutian Round "Dance"; they were singing about union, and peace, they were very kind, and let me taking place in the dance. At Night there was a "Salute" with Fireworks and the day ended very calmed for me.... read more
Panoramic Of The City Port
Dia de la victoria 9 d emayo 008
Dia de la victoria 9 d emayo 015

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 8th 2011

Views of The City's River Port. The Port works allowing the commerce and the touristic trips by the Lena River. The Lena River is the Biggest and most important River in Russia, and one of the longest Rivers in the world. It starts in the Baikal Mountains and flow into the Artic sea, its 4,400 km (2,800 mi) Long. On winter the City's temperature its around -50 ^C , that means that the Lena River can only be enjoyed in Summer (right now the temperature its around +30^c). On winter it works like a 6 lanes Highway. I love running everyday by the Port's way, its just 200ms from my house. ... read more

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